NY Times: Trump paid $750 in US income taxes in 2016, 2017 by SerScronzarelli in news

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I'm not arguing against that. I'm correcting the statement that said he donates all his salary. Which isn't true. He donates, his salary for president. Which wasn't covered during the time period of the post article. And it doesn't cover his residuals he earns as a SAG actor or reality TV show host. Or any income he may receive from the Trump organization after he claims he divested his interest in it.

NY Times: Trump paid $750 in US income taxes in 2016, 2017 by SerScronzarelli in news

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He claimed he handed over all his assets to his oldest sons in January 2017, days before assuming office. There was a fancy press conference with binders and everything. So before that point he was earning "something" in the way of income and he was obligated to file returns on it. While he may not have been involved in the day-to-day operation of the Trump organization, he was earning income from it.

In fact he was still earning residuals from a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air appearance as a SAG actor as late as 2019.

NY Times: Trump paid $750 in US income taxes in 2016, 2017 by SerScronzarelli in news

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He donates all his salary as president, true. In 2016 he wasn't president.

Episode Discussion: Business School by Phillies059 in OfficeLadiesPodcast

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The Good Place The Podcast had writers, visual effects guys and other staff in on the podcast each episode and they were in the whole time. It was more conversational. Obviously, they're doing something different on Office Ladies. But the writers always seemed to have more to add, IMO.

OC sheriff’s deputies who lied on reports testify that they didn’t know it was illegal by balls_deep_inyourmom in news

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The 8-1 Heien v. North Carolina decision says police can ignorant of the law if they act in good faith.

What did "that kid" in school do? by Alice_Van_Osbourne in AskReddit

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He went door-to-door with a jar that had a hand written "Jerry's Kids" sign on it collecting money during Labor Day. I knew he was a POS up to no good, so I called the cops on him.

He had to give all the money back.

Judge removes acting BLM director William Perry Pendley by ThouHastLostAn8th in news

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Remember, former Senator and Constitutional scholar Barack Obama pulled some similar nonsense with NLRB appointments and was smacked down by SCOTUS. All the Republicans cheered.

Google to block election ads after November 3 by geoxol in news

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So they'll stop a revenue stream exactly the same time most political campaigns end? OK, got it.

How do Dennys/iHop/Perkins/Wafflehouse compare/rank to each other in quality? by VirtualRealityCzech in AskReddit

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I overheard someone give a definitive ranking while at a Waffle House. Here's their completely scientific results:

  1. IHOP
  2. Denny's
  3. Waffle House
  4. Huddle House
  5. Village Inn

Apparently, the quality of coffee was the deciding factor. Next was quality of pancakes.

(Perkins was not ranked. Probably because it's a buffet and not made to order breakfast food.)

Virus cases rise in US heartland, home to anti-mask feelings by TimeTravel_zero0 in news

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I had to make an unexpected roadtrip for a family emergency last last month. While driving through the heartland not one person, aside from cashiers and such, was wearing a mask at all the gas stations and I passed through. Now, some were sporting the mask with dicknose.