Does it seem to anyone else that everyone is getting sick recently? by sweetpotatowhisperer in japanlife

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Yeah I’ve been feeling the same. Got heavily sick last March and then again, a few days ago. I took a day off and my coworkers were shocked that I called in sick again.

My (28f) spine. by sedegispeilet in oddlyterrifying

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Oh wow I’m surprised to hear you can lift weights. That’s the very thing my doctor advised me not to do

Worst customer service you've seen in Japan? by Yoshikki in japanlife

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Had a staff muttered面倒くさい at my face after I checked-in at a hotel, back when I was new in Japan and can’t speak that well. Unfortunately, I already knew what it meant that time. I just pretended I didn’t understand.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in dating

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It feels good to read this. Finally, something positive and actually encouraging. I wonder when will that happen to me though. sigh