Yeah I don't even want a new album by [deleted] in deathgrips

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Lineup Top 5 by Chilly_Water69 in hulaween

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Man I’d take any gizz or anything related at all to hula

Lineup Top 5 by Chilly_Water69 in hulaween

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Man, I remember seeing them do a sunrise set at Roo ten years ago. Crazy how time flies man !

[FRESH ALBUM] JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown - SCARING THE HOES by Kallemacd in hiphopheads

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First three songs are perfect flow. Rest of the album is magnificent although to me so far, the best is the beginning. You can tell who’s a Death Grips fan by who praises the production lol

I’m going to speak with grimes tomorrow. I need some help… by WhosJoeJoeIsGod in Grimes

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Ask her what she thinks of chat GPT and what does it mean for future tech

What do you guys consider to be a perfect album? by risottofrighten in Music

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Dark side London calling Sgt peppers Pet sounds Ziggy stardust Demon days

The Last of Us - 1x09 "Look for the Light" - Episode Discussion by LoretiTV in television

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Overall, felt the series needed an extra ep or two or at least have done the finale longer than an hour. I was ok with Joel killing the two guards the way he did but then he went full on John wick which is a bit of a stretch. Other than that, I was ok with the series overall. Just wish they find a better balance between action and drama and to me the best was ep 2. Season 2 is gonna be a hell of a ride.