No FeMC = waste of a remake by totallynotaneggtho in PERSoNA

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I agree, my first playthrough was as feMC, meaning the protagonist I associate with persona 3 is the female protag and her exclusive side quests.

So it sucks the remake won't hit as hard as I won't be re-experiencing the game I remember, but rather an alternate version of the game with characters and dialogue I have no existing connection with.

What's the one boss that makes you understand why some people quit/hate this game? by ChromaticSideways in Eldenring

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On a first playthrough I hated maliketh because he has no real openings and hits like a truck, yet can whiz around the arena at warp speed.

Not to mention his 2nd phase is essentially, get hit once = instant death (his 3 spin then dash slash move)

But once you get the item that deflects his moves, his second phase becomes really fun and somewhat easy. His first phase is still a drag tho imo.

What's the one boss that makes you understand why some people quit/hate this game? by ChromaticSideways in Eldenring

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Fire giant

He's the one boss I feel is not fair at all.

He's too visually big, meaning it's hard to see his attacks when you're near his feet because of the camera range.

His health pool is ridiculous. Especially for a melee user like myself.

He rolls away constantly.

And lastly, he's not fun.

I hated him the first time, and I hated him on my 4th playthrough just as much. He's not fun, and a complete waste of time. 100% he's the only boss I would ENDORSE cheesing with Loretta spirit ashes because he himself is completely cheesy and janky.

JU from r/nothowgirlswork by MTDAgency in JustUnsubbed

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I've said it before, I'll say it again

r/NotHowGirlsWork has just devolved into a neutered offshoot of r/femaledatingstrategy.

All I see from that sub is left leaning, feminist reddit women shitting on Trad women for having different lifestyles, shitting on men for literally anything, getting butthurt over cringey memes, etc.

For a sub that's meant to call out misconceptions about women, they don't seek to combat it in a positive manner, instead all they do is attack other people, whine and circlejerk how x thing is a genocidal threat to all women.

And I've noticed over the past few months the sub has slowly been festering into another femcel mould patch. Wouldn't shock me if they start calling people scrotes and low value men soon.

JU from r/terriblefacebook memes. The sub has literally become a cesspool of political propaganda. Like this is the kind of garbage they post all day. Plus they can’t even recognize satire. by Monkiller587 in JustUnsubbed

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Sex and gender is different

I've seen an abundance of trans people on Reddit straight up claiming to be biologically the opposite sex, stating there's no difference between the sexes, etc.

What the fuck do I do in elden ring? by kw5t45 in Eldenring

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Everybody here is just giving you cryptic non-answers. Not everyone has the time/desire to "figure it out" in a huge open world. So here's a main story progression guide if you just want the main quests/bosses:

Go to stormveil castle

Then Raya Lucaria academy

Then Leyndell

Then go to the mountains of the giants

Then from here, the game is pretty linear, just keep going forward.

(HOWEVER, there are different endings you get from side quests, and other areas to explore with optional bosses like Radahn, Mohg, Malenia, etc.

Also If you only care about leveling up, Google "bird rune farm" on YouTube)

Where can I meet introverted women for relationship? by idkwtosay in AskMen

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Every woman I find online turns out to be a 36 year old Indian male scammer called Punjeet.

So I'm curious where on the internet you met your wife. Like an actual woman wife.

Just Unsubbed From r/anarchychess. They were making fun of us and don’t have funny jokes. by CybopRain in JustUnsubbed

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They're a shit posting sub filled with 12 year old broccoli haired meme lords.

Why would you take anything they say seriously?

You're letting yourself be upset by kids who still probably have a bedtime of 7pm and spray themselves with a whole can of axe Africa after gym class.

JU from r/antiwork. I'm for corporate accountability and better working conditions but I'm an NCD member and against rimjobbing Russia while they attack a sovereign country and redrawing borders like it's the 1940s again so... by Realtor_3605 in JustUnsubbed

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Antiwork is a joke, did you not see their head moderator go on that TV interview?

Literal greasy, stinky Reddit mod went on TV preaching about laziness being a virtue in modern society.

JU from r/why because what the fuck (NSFW) by Bro---really in JustUnsubbed

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Why's it so watery and small.

Also this is 100% OP's cum, and he's clearly posting it online for his fetish.

But that aside, he should get his balls/sperm count checked out because maybe I'm wrong, but that seems a little too clear and small to be normal.

Whoever designed this boss, i hope you get possessed by frenzied flame. by [deleted] in Eldenring

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When I saw you were a moonveil user I started rooting for the tree sentinel ngl

How important is physical appearance to you when it comes to dating and relationships? What other qualities matter more to you? by Gala_Black in AskMen

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I will only be attracted to a woman if I find her physically attractive.

That does not mean she has to be an objective 10/10, but rather attractive by my own personal tastes.

Just unsubbed from r/MakeMeSuffer, i'm sure it's just a gore sub at this point by Carlos_TheAnomaly in JustUnsubbed

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I don't know why but a lot of people on Reddit (and by extension) the internet seem to have this weird fascination for gore.

You'll see it happen a lot. Redditors bragging about the goriest thing they've seen on liveleak and acting like they don't like it, when they clearly do.

And ngl it annoys me. These aren't TV characters, these are real people who've been killed and tortured in horrendous ways and often recorded against their will, and animals who died in writhing in pain for someone's fun. and y'all are sharing it around the internet for entertainment and shock value.

It's gross.

Just unsubbed to r/comics because it seems that now the only joke here is sex by CreepsyGotHacked in JustUnsubbed

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r/comics is where people who flunked out of art school and got 0 laughs at their local stand up comedy club go to farm attention from braindead 60 year old boomers with early onset Alzheimer's.

Just Unsubbed from r/chadposting because the 10 year old edgelords that call themselves chads are there now by thisn--gaoverhere in JustUnsubbed

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Yet here you are still posting on this sub.

And here the other guy is still commenting in this sub.

Instead of saying "people are leaving", if you feel attacked or upset, then actually leave instead of just saying you are constantly.

When was the last time you cried and why? by jenkinsBrokeMyBuild in AskMen

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I don't cry because I'm the only man in a family that pretty much consists of all highly emotional women.

What this means is that I've naturally shifted towards not showing emotions because I need to be the tough one who doesn't crack at the slightest pressure.

Plus when I was a kid, and cried, I got laughed at, told to man up, etc.

So I genuinely can't remember the last time I cried. Nor do I feel the need to.

Guys buying the OF subs. Why? by theDialect402 in AskMen

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I'm not a buyer, but I feel the need to say that any man who unironically buys a subscription to see a girls nudes is a huge cuck.

What is the best cologne to get female attraction? by pasidious in AskMen

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Nobody is gonna believe me, but I unironically got the most female attention while wearing axe body spray.

these games about to slap. 😤 by Alextricity in gaming

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1) do I get to play as Eddie

2) do I get to romance Roz

3) do I get to romance Roz as Eddie?

If so that's like all my childhood dreams in one.