We know coach Daboll is staying, but how about so love for the genius on the other side of the ball? Coach Frazier, please don’t go!! by mdnash in buffalobills

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We have the "luxury" of Frazier already having failed as a head coach. That lowers his stock and honestly maybe he doesn't even want to go back to head coaching because of it. We can only hope.

I just got a GO BILLS!!! From levi wallaces mom by gobills_golfer420 in buffalobills

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I sent him a text too and he responded pretty quickly. Really nice dude.

Eagles fan coming in peace - wanted to say congratulations after seeing that man crying in the stands by Fupa_Defeater in buffalobills

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I was alive for the glory years so although I have no problem with anyone crying over the win, I did not. If we win the Super Bowl though...I bet I see some waterworks.

Subway gets it! by 5cheesepaninis in buffalobills

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Damn it. I don't like Subway's food but now I have to eat it every day.

[Post Game Thread] Wild Card Round - Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills by Drunken_Economist in buffalobills

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one who noticed this lol. It was so perfect that it almost seemed planned.

I honestly teared up watching Alex Trebek’s last episode of Jeopardy tonight, filmed before his death. I grew up watching the show with my grandparents who are both dead now and this hit me hard. He will forever be in my heart and be the definitive game show host to me. by chickfan in nostalgia

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If The Price Is Right can survive without Bob Barker, Jeopardy can live on too. Drew struggled for awhile and ratings slipped, but they got through it and as far as I know it's just as popular now as it ever was.

[Capaccio] Bills play Colts on Saturday at 1:05pm. The first game of the weekend. by Greyreign in buffalobills

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So glad the seats go to season ticket holders. If Rivers requested tickets for his kids, only 6000 would be available to the general public.

Post Game Thread: BILLS WIN!!! LET’S GO by KingMcSwag in buffalobills

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Josh could legitimately be the AFC Offensive Player of the Week yet again.

Commish Question by cbeaz17 in Madden

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Edit them to punters so the CPU won't pick them. Then once the user is back, change them back and do what they said above.

Come on guys by TG3ThaGod in buffalobills

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That's the side of Bills Mafia that makes me buy tickets on the visitors sideline.

Bills Mafia taking over by harpoonkamasutra in buffalobills

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These are the same people that will complain when the numbers don't go down and Cuomo doesn't allow fans for the the playoffs. I get the desire to greet them, but you've gotta show some self control.

It’s Game Day!!! by JJTH3B3AST in buffalobills

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If you're in the Buffalo area it's also on ABC.

Pivotal moments in our nation's history, JA was there. by TemplarPunk in buffalobills

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I wanna know how far he could throw the ball on the moon. Several miles, I'm sure.