Cursed_toilet by Atomic_kp in cursedcomments

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I would masturbate. Now imagine this at a beach.

Mods Asleep, Upvote this absolute Chad. by BorutoSucks69 in Cringetopia

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The joke is funny the way it was presented is cringe

all the forces are coming together by wewiilrcy in PewdiepieSubmissions

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I dont agree with people who think all of tiktok is cringe. I just dont like it because its spying on kids

🙁my mom mades me posts this she is embarsesseding me 🙁 by Rowan926 in okbuddyretard

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My momie embracsing me when she lic my secks p÷nis😭😭😭

love you grandpa by thrinox in okbuddyretard

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Not wholesome chungus he mo breathtaking 😖😖