The King is back! by fittos4310 in PardonMyTake

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That first absolutely is gonna hit like crack

A bit of love for I Am Easy To Find!? by camden-teacher in TheNational

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Their weakest album by quite a ways but still good


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Any room on the bandwagon for a ducks fan? Go panthers! This team is so fun to watch

Worried about direction of the band.. by [deleted] in TheNational

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Oh brother lol. I just gave my opinion. If you don’t feel the same that’s fine 😂

Worried about direction of the band.. by [deleted] in TheNational

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Of course I listened, they’re my favorite band, I’m not telling anyone to be worried and I didn’t mean for my post to come off as “doom and gloom”, I just gave my opinion on the album and was curious what others thought

My top 5 (post yours too!) by kaicyr21 in Coachella

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  1. Drama
  2. Blink 182
  3. Metro
  4. Big wild
  5. Labrinth

Blink crowd asleep? by nightnursedaytrader in Coachella

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When you consider it’s mostly frank fans who have spent thousands just for their idol to treat them like garbage yeah

so frank was bad, but who was great? by taurenosaur in Coachella

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I saw 13 sets this weekend, the crowd for drama was easily the best. Just a big dance party

New album kinda meh? by LowAmoeba8832 in TheNational

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Only album from them that I knew was incredible off the bat was TWFM, this one will take time

Your Mind Is Not Your Friend is out now on Apple music by Midnights-evermore in TheNational

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It’s definitley not a bad song, like eucalyptus and TMN, however the collection of songs is low energy IMO and almost seems like they’re playing it “safe” after IAETF sort of flopped (compared to their other outstanding albums).. not too sure what to make of it TBH.