River tubing with a group? by lordofwar28 in milwaukee

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Last time I went was in 2018. They had nicer tubes for the individuals (I feel like they had upgraded recently) and then they gave you a cooler tube which was just an old school black tire one with some wood tied to it for the base. Yes to the twine, always a headache.

I've had fun when I've gone, but it was always busy on the weekends and some groups could be a bit loud, but we always tied our group together and it was generally fine.

The shuttle back is like a 5 min ride, on an older shuttle, but that's whatever to me. I imagine they get a lot of college kids due to proximity to Madison and Whitewater.

River tubing with a group? by lordofwar28 in milwaukee

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This was probably S&B Tubingin Albany, WI! Have gone there multiple times and always had a blast.

What do you do with knowing your old best friend will pass one day? He’s 12 by PsychologicalCut3820 in DogAdvice

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I lost my girl Meadow in early March after 11 years together (she was about 13 or 14). I echo the sentiment that others have shared about living every day with them as though it were their last but I also want to add one thing.

Try to change your perspective on your sadness about losing him one day. I'm not saying don't be sad about it, but find gratitude that his presence and impact on your life is so important and wonderful that it makes you so sad. I've found comfort in my grief this way - finding myself thinking "how lucky am I that this makes me so sad? That I hurt so much at her being gone." It only means she was as amazing and important as I thought she was.


What should be my next themed titles weekend? by oshoney in Letterboxd

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  • Us (2019)
  • They (2002)
  • Them (2006)
  • HIM (2016)
  • Her (2013)
  • It (1990)

Resale furniture by AcanthocephalaIcy516 in milwaukee

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It's a bit outside Metro Milwaukee, but definitely worth checking out: Antique 2 Modern in New Berlin.

Suggest a good Milwaukee newsletter by drunknostradamus in milwaukee

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Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service

This is the way, add Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service to the list, and you're pretty well set.

Puppy broke her leg - Just need to vent mostly by TheeDefective in dogs

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Hi friend,

Just chiming in with some empathy. My wife and I got a 3-month-old puppy at the beginning of April, Lydia. Yesterday (Friday), she broke her leg. We don't have pet insurance. $1000 for the emergency consultation, and since it was a Friday and they don't do orthopedic surgery until Monday, we are trying to keep her immobile (she broke her right front leg) until we drop her off for surgery Monday morning. They quoted us at $5500.

Fortunately we can afford it, but it still absolutely sucks. We said goodbye to our senior dog, Meadow in the beginning of March. I had her for 11 years. My wife was out of the country in Germany when she took a turn for the worse and had a nasty bout of pancreatitis that she just couldn't kick. It was devastating and so hard.

Lydia broke her leg after jumping off my lap in my office, and I was immensely unsettled by her screams. :(

So, just wanting to empathize with you and the difficulty here. If you want to talk, please send me a direct message. Our pups are so wonderful and sweet.

Your first look at the "Spiritual Successor" to Milwaukee Public Museum's Streets of Old Milwaukee by bobbyonmke in milwaukee

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This so annoyed me, as though people were expecting the museum to just complete recreate itself in a new location.

This so annoyed me, as though people were expecting the museum to completely recreate itself in a new location as just a "bunch of computer screens" was frustrating and stupid.

Ancient footprints from a massive, pre-dinosaur amphibian indicate a style of swimming similar to modern-day crocodiles by ffoboomstick in science

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The study, published on March 29, 2023 in PLOS One, notes that the footprints were found in an area studied in South Africa in the past, but this time researchers used drones and handheld 3D scanners.

In the 1990s over 1,200 bones from roughly 15 bodies were found buried in Benjamin Franklin's London house, they are believed to be the remains from an anatomy school founded by an associate of Franklin's. by ffoboomstick in history

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At the time the school was in operation, the idea of dissection wasn't exactly "legal", so it's possible that the cadavers came from grave robbers and other less legitimate sources.

Falling Down (1993) by seaview59 in CineShots

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You can feel the atmosphere just watching this movie. Such a classic.

LC crossed over last night in our home; comfortably and peacefully. 16 years of being my best friend and showing me true, unconditional love. My(our) heart(s) is(are) shattered. by spear504 in OldManDog

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I said goodbye to my Meadow two weeks ago today after 11 years together. My heart is broken with yours OP. LC was a beautiful pup and these pictures tell a story of true love (I know because I have many similar pics of my Meadow).

How lucky we are to hurt so much. Sending much love and support your way.

Said goodbye to my baby girl Meadow just about two weeks ago after 11 years together... by ffoboomstick in OldManDog

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So so so many joys. :) How lucky I am to hurt so bad. Thank you for your kind words.