early version better than the studio one? by periaptxt in radiohead

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The early acoustic (Thom solo) version Morning Mr. Magpie/ Morning m’lord

-- dennis harte - summer's over -- by talk_show_host7 in talkshowhost

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Great tune…. I was just listening to this and did a web search and ended up here. Lots of good music on your sub… hope you don’t mind another follow.

In your opinion, what's the best song on A Light for Attracting Attention? by MajesticMidnite in TheSmile

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Open the Flood Gates and Thin Thing are tops in books, followed closely by everything else

tonight’s setlist - night 2 toronto by ChickenFingersRGood in arcadefire

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I got it… well most of it. I missed the first 15-20 seconds grabbing my phone when I figured out what was happening! The Dream of Win & Regine (Owen Pallett cover)

Who’s taking their Kids to the show? by force-ten_gale in arcadefire

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“Circumstances”, meaning the allegations against Win…. She has a moral issue with it. We had decided to keep the show a surprise for the kids, so they actually wouldn’t know one way or the other if we were to not take them now. Anyways, thankfully I think I’ve now convinced her to all go together now on night 2

Who’s taking their Kids to the show? by force-ten_gale in arcadefire

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Thanks… yeah it’s a tough one. My kids are 9 and 12 and I know they will have a blast and it would be a memorable show for them

Gabor Szabo - DREAMS - BACK IN STOCK!!! by jamesbrooka87 in VinylMePlease

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Hells yes! Just saw the email and bought immediately too

Did the limited edition vinyl they just announced already sell out? by eolsen44 in TheSmile

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It looks like they may have sold out the US store allocation, but it looks like there’s still some in the UK store. Scroll to the bottom of the Rough Trade page and select UK from the pull down, the Ltd edition marble gray should still show “pre-order” and you should still be able to add it to cart.

The shipping will probably be a lot more, but you can still grab it if you really want it.

Anyone catch these on Rough Trade's instagram? by csage97 in TheSmile

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Yeah, I was ready to buy until I saw the $25 USD shipping

How can there still be copies of this album available? by Pingem in VinylMePlease

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Yes , it is a great album! I just picked it up a few months ago. Wish I knew they’d drop the price… good call about gifts though, maybe I’ll buy a few more copies

Ticket Sales/Trade thread by BigBoots02 in TheSmile

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Selling 2 tickets for Toronto show… platinum balcony, centre section, 3rd row, on aisle. Selling for face value, but these are premium seats so they are on the pricier side… they are some of the best seats in the house for both sight lines and sonics. DM if interested

Edit: sold

Anyone else disappointed in the badly scanned cover art for VMP? by Aggravating_Board_78 in VinylMePlease

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Pretty sure the CYH image is intentionally like this to give lofi aesthetic. It kinda looks like security camera footage.

The poster included is also intentionally low quality to match. I like it…nice bonus that the poster is for a show in my hometown.

So, what did you get? by CaineRexEverything in VinylMePlease

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I also got Big Thief, but was bummed out that missed Alice Coltrane, which I had in my cart for a few seconds, and then forgot to apply my store credit to my purchase

Jorge Ben -Africa Brasil is in stock right now by No_Lengthiness3037 in VinylMePlease

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Thanks for the hot tip… I’m still somewhat new to VMP, so wasn’t aware they even previously had this. Has been a long time favourite album so I grabbed it as soon as I saw this.