it came w 2x the LPs I thought by radiaterice in AnimalCollective

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I got 2x EPs. One with blank sleeve and one with frog. Exact same blue disk... so I'm not alone? This is awesome! I mean I technically don't need 2 of them. But I'll just gift it to my dad or some shit.

Guy is utterly GOBSMACKED that priest is gay by VariousBasket125 in facepalm

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Jesse is in the closet anyhow. Dude is a nut job and grifter.

[FRESH ALBUM] Miya Folick - ROACH by detectiveburtmacklin in indieheads

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Production is phenomenal. I was so in love with Premonitions when it first came out, prob listened to it over 30 times that year. I actually haven't revisited much of Miya since covid.... and let me tell you, caught out of left field. So great! Such a well done arty poppy album that trumps anything all those radio friendly pop stars put out....

Is the Surge to the Left Among Young Voters a Trump Blip or the Real Deal? by DonyellTaylor in thedavidpakmanshow

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Long detailed but very on point. They made their bed and now have to lay in it. I have a feeling after this upcoming election, the GOP is a dead party. In 2028 or maybe 2032, we will see a huge polar shift in what parties are running. I feel like it will be middle left (biden style dem) vs far left (bernie/marianne socialistic dem)

Cheers to the fucking Gen Z future. By the way I am 37 and not even close to ever have conservative thoughts and ideas, and I am doing just fine financially.

I honestly can't think of anyone worse than Donald Trump. by Academic_Value_3503 in thedavidpakmanshow

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Bro, first off... you are the one in a very left leaning sub reddit trying to argue your dumb fucking points.

No one gives a fuck about your bulkshit fake beliefs... what are you trying to achieve by responding and making your baseless right sided comments?

Florida sucks. Period. People who are flocking there are all people who share your same warped ass mindset... omg noooo disney is ruining our kids lives... woke woke woke. No one cares dude, nothing you say will sway any leftist here, it's like you take pleasure in trolling and trying to get a reaction from people about the most ridiculous subject... identity politics..

Here is a fun statistic. .6% of the whole USA identify as transgender. I bet for the next 20+ years as you waddle your fat ass about your life you won't even bump into someone who is trans. And even if you did you prob wouldn't even notice or realize it...

Guess what... everything you hear and read are most likely opinions from people who claim they are stating facts. Get the fuck out of your echo chamber and my only advice for you is.... go do your own research, go find a school who has a litter box for their kids then report back to me with actual evidence. Pictures are required

Good day kid.

Why do so many people dislike Danse Manatee? by n0life69 in AnimalCollective

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Eh no there definitely is a such thing as bad music lol...

Blur Announce New Album The Ballad of Darren by ebradio in indieheads

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Maybe you have more power then you thought with your mind.

In mid America... by LetterGrouchy6053 in thedavidpakmanshow

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Deep Yo. Is this like a personal experience story from your local town or fictional yet sounding real because this is 100% the state of affairs in our country?

It was a few months ago but decided to decorate my skis. by utterlyirelephant in skiing

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Dude so fucking epic. Did you use a service or was it a DIY job?

The Lakers have some nasty fans... by levopress in warriors

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He just has big elbows, they are hard to keep them away from faces.

Vampire Weekend's 'Modern Vampires Of The City' Turns 10 by Delos788 in indieheads

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Such a cherished album.. when are we getting LP5 though? 2024? 2025?

Remove REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE default location by THEMARDS in Zscaler

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Thanks for that info.. unfortunately I have been trying to figure out a way to clear that none existing file/location. Can't find any commands to reset the default.

holy sh*t biden sounds terrible by prettycooldude1995 in seculartalk

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Clearly you have never known anyone with dementia.

holy sh*t biden sounds terrible by prettycooldude1995 in seculartalk

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Dude please stop with this ridiculous lie talking point. I have had multiple grandparents in my life with dementia and Biden is not it. He is old AF and has good days and bad days. That's it. Period. You are super ignorant for saying this. You his doctor? You seen his doctors notes?

So sick of hearing dumb fucks say shit they have no idea about.