Student knocks out teacher for taking his Nintendo Switch by Sxzym in ThatsInsane

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If this “kid” is not tried as an adult , he will definitely kill someone in the next 5 years. Throw the book at him.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Dallas

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You need to go back and ask for a manager, what kind of service am I paying for extra other than having the cook prep my food.

I would’ve asked that worker to dance or juggle because what the fuck lol

Free Giveaway! Nintendo Switch OLED - International by WolfLemon36 in NintendoSwitch

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Fun fact: Nintendo was founded as a painted card game company over 132 years ago.

(Follow Up) 12-year-old, 17-year-old turn themselves in to authorities following vicious attack on Buddy the cat by CantStopPoppin in PublicFreakout

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Kudos to the parent for turning them in.

Having no remorse and doing shit like this on purpose (hurting animals for the fuck of it) is early stage serial killer shit right there.

Fuck those kids , I hope jail will make them change their ways.

Dems Worried Biden Student Loan Inaction Will Dampen Youth Turnout in Midterms by LetsPlayCanasta in politics

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Cancel student debt and legalize weed.

Boom you just bought yourself another 4 years.

this morning truckers deliberately blocked a tesla on the freeway in a failed attempt to make a citizen's arrest by KarlGreenMagic in PublicFreakout

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Three tooth minimum Mary needs to chill out , wonder who they will boycott once driverless trucks hit. Elon musk? Lmao

Almost an awardee, but made it. Look at the advice this POS gives at the end by [deleted] in HermanCainAward

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“Don’t take the vaccine”

I will see you back on this sub to claim your award , you’ll probably won’t come back next time.

Not even a near death experience will change these fucktards.

The huns are mad! by [deleted] in antiMLM

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Streisand effect , now I’m watching this tonight

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in IdiotsInCars

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Just fucking pull over dickhead