Protect The Allagash! by SunbeamSailor67 in Maine

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Thanks for including pics of yourself in your comment.

34F BBW by [deleted] in amiugly

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Probably "Patriarchy"

Only a couple years old at most, I'm just glad she's still alive! by doigy860 in matureplants

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Isn't there a Scottish word 'Dreich', which describes the wet, gray, bleak and gloomy weather?

Edit* bright indirect light, near a radiator, in a humid climate is perfect Calathea climate.

Head-cam footage from a Ukrainian soldier using a FN Minimi participating in a skirmish with Russian forces to the southwest of Bakhmut a week ago by broforwin in CombatFootage

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I assume he was covered by his battle buddies, and it's probably pretty tough to manage a squad automatic weapon and a grenade at the same time. But yeah, probably pretty scary to put down your gun while in a firefight even if it's to pull out a grenade.

Colorado drought disappearing for now by Wxman23 in Colorado

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If you're ever in the need of feeling a a bit more hopeful, just fall down the YouTube Beavers and Beaver Dam Analogs rabbit hole and learn all about the rodent that when it sees running water says "absolutely not".

Possibly my easiest plant! by cecejoker in houseplants

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Bright indirect light and a humid environment, sounds perfect for a maranta.

Suggestion for an extra tall plant stand that holds very heavy plants. by Smileluvsu in IndoorGarden

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If it's in a stud I wouldn't worry about it. A steal hook like that is more than capable of bearing that kind of weight. Maybe if it was loaded vertically and not horizontally like it is, but even then it would probably be fine.

Sex and gender discussion by Dogecoinleap in Smilepleasse

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A scientific definition of a hand would probably use the word 'typically', to encompass the exceptions. The human hand typically has five fingers, but you wouldn't say that someone with 2 fingers and a thumb doesn't have hands. The definition of hands includes those with polydactyly and those with oligodactyly. The idea that the definitons of female and male are biologically based and absolutely binary is silly. You're understanding of the definition of male and female is just limited, and when you encountered a case that didn't fit your definition, instead of expanding your definition to include these case you decided to deny the existence of those cases. It's like if you had the definition of hand as having five fingers and then when you came across a person with six fingers, or two, you decided to attack them as someone who doesn't have real hands.

Mothers for an upcoming run. by [deleted] in macrogrowery

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Thank you! Metrc tags, pots, and trellis would be awesome.

Mothers for an upcoming run. by [deleted] in macrogrowery

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What is the material those pots are made out of? I work in a large grow and pur pots are similar in size but are a permeable plastic, and I'm all for less plastic waste if those aren't plastic.

One man shot at Edgewater Public Market by venk in Denver

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No worries! I was kinda hoping yours was just a fortuitous comment, and I was gonna get to drop a throwback reference. Same shit different century and all.

One man shot at Edgewater Public Market by venk in Denver

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One goes to the morgue and the other to jail

One guy wasted and the other's a waste

It goes down the same as the thousand before

No one's getting smarter, no one's learning the score

Your never ending spree of death and violence and hate

Is gonna tie your own rope, tie your own rope, tie your own

The Offspring "Come out and play" 1994

I can’t believe it. the intercept of all outlets. by Administratr in LeopardsAteMyFace

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Precisely, this wasn't some whistleblower exposing some nefarious action the military industrial complex, or illegal acts by the DoD, it was literally "I want to impress my racist friends with my access to classified materials".

The amount of people i see run red lights every single day all around Denver is scary, sad, and frustrating. by drw00py in Denver

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I saw a modded hatchback sitting behind 3 cars at that arrow pull into the travel lane, race to the intersection, and make a left on the red. Green arrow 15 seconds later.