Today's setlist, they did country sad ballad man!!! by fuckreddy in blur

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Damn. That’s a great set. I wish most bands would sell shows on Nugs. I would buy so many audio recordings.

Yes, I know they’ll release a live album from this year, but still…

Put your producer hat on... by dhepp27 in TheNational

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Super weird that everyone has forgotten that they need to put the outro on Squalor.

New merch by grimgroth in blur

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Need that light blue. Put ‘em in the shop!

Just got my replacement copy after the first one got lost in transit :( by SUPER_SIZED_SALAD_69 in TheNational

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During the pandemic, I invested in the record flattener. Been a massive help when you occasionally get one like that.

When will the next single from TBOD be released? by jam8tree in blur

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I’m guessing one the Friday before Wembley. And maybe one in the next 2 weeks.

When will the next single from TBOD be released? by jam8tree in blur

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I bet we get 2 more singles before the album drops

Break in the tour by karenputmeinachair in TheNational

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They toured all last summer. I’m sure this is a recording/family summer for them.

Blur - Y'all doomed by Background-Fill-51 in blur

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If they jammed for 3 days, I imagine there’s cool stuff like this left on the cutting room floor.

Weird question about Matt live by Kokopolol in TheNational

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If they have IEMs, could he be talking to the FOH engineer?

Is This The Best The National Have Ever Been "Live"? by Full-Atmosphere-4818 in TheNational

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I’ve seen at least one show every US tour since 2006.


Quiet Light - alternate extended version live by SugarMouseOnReddit in TheNational

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They just trying to will an extended Quiet Light into being huh.

This was a better mix than the “studio version” though. And the video looks great

Quiet Light - Alternative Extended Version by SugarMouseOnReddit in TheNational

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I think this is just a fan edit of the album track and the film audio.

QL is perfect as it is, but clearly the film soundtrack hints at a different version. I’d love to hear the different/alt/working takes someday.

Casio - B Side? by paulgibbins in TheNational

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I have a vague recollection of it being a working title/Dessner demo title. Like on a whiteboard

Thrilling of Claire - one of the best National songs few have ever heard by SugarMouseOnReddit in TheNational

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Or to ask a different way, are there other edits and where are they from? Or is this a fan edit?