America's Soccer Capital St. Louis City SC Scarf in stock again by DrItsRed in stlouiscitysc

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Did anyone get an extra? It’s sold out now! I’m looking to buy one!

The Sacramento Kings have clinched a spot in the 2023 NBA Playoffs, snapping the longest postseason drought (16 years) of any U.S. major professional sports team. by IonHazzikostasIsGod in sports

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One of my early 360 games was the 2K with Shaq on the cover. I would always pick the Kings and just chuck 3s as Peja.

The opponents would always pick the Cavs and drive and score with Lebron.

I lost every game by 30-40x

Did this really exist? by PinioBieganski in halo

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This is actually pretty on par with Halo 1999 graphics

Foggy morning in St. Louis. by fox2now in StLouis

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You have to be higher level to unlock South City, apparently

Missing internationals, podcast legal threats and a memo for St. Louis's opponents - The Athletic sets the record straight on “America’s Soccer Capital” by [deleted] in stlouiscitysc

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Turner and the rest of the River City Ramble crew did what anybody probably would’ve done in that situation, given the absurdity of it: they ignored the email. But a week later, Kimball got serious. “Will you change the name of your podcast or do we need to pursue legal remedies?” she asked in a follow-up. “If you have counsel, please send this correspondence to counsel and ask her/him to respond within three days.”

The podcasters did not have counsel. Nor were they prepared to go to war with an MLS team over the name of their podcast, which Turner says they were thinking of changing anyways. The hosts polled a few friends who had legal backgrounds and the consensus, among all of them, was that Sporting would have a strong case, if it came to that. And that’s when the Soccer Capitol Podcast became the River City Ramble.

Almost as an afterthought, the podcast put out a statement explaining the name change and referencing Sporting’s threats of legal action. Predictably, it went viral, at least in the small world of MLS Twitter. Within days, the hosts of the show had received a flood of supportive tweets. Independent kitmaker Olive and York even threw together a tribute kit, stating that they’d donate all proceeds from sales of the shirt to the podcast creators themselves.

“It’s the greatest thing to ever happen to us, frankly,” says Turner. “Our downloads have exploded in the past two days, our Twitter followers have almost doubled in two days. There’s been an outpouring of support from other local podcasters and also other independent creators out there across the nation, lending us their support. It’s been humbling and heartwarming to be honest.”

St. Louis City SC itself, with its record-setting 5-0-0 start, has added their own tiny chapter to St. Louis soccer history, a book that gets longer and longer by the day. Sporting KC, in the meantime, might want to learn a lesson from Seinfeld’s George Costanza. You can’t just call yourself T-Bone. Or the Soccer Capital of America. Someone else has to give you the title. And stop threatening to sue podcasters, please. –Pablo Maurer

Missing internationals, podcast legal threats and a memo for St. Louis's opponents - The Athletic sets the record straight on “America’s Soccer Capital” by [deleted] in stlouiscitysc

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From the Article:

Litigation Capital of America

The phrase “soccer capital of America” has been passed around like the common cold over the years. Poke around any newspaper archive and you’ll see it assigned to dozens of American cities. There are the obvious ones, like Kearny, NJ and Portland, OR, and then there are population centers whose claim on the title feels a bit more tenuous: Bloomington, IN. Clifton Park, NY. El Sobrante, CA.

The first mention of the phrase, though, comes in the mid-50s and appears in a small, Los Angeles-area newspaper. And it’s in reference to St. Louis, MO.

Dozens and dozens of times over the past 70 years, the city is referred to as America’s soccer capital, and for good reason. The city has produced 12 Open Cup champions and nearly as many college title winners. Five players from the city were on the 1950 World Cup squad that shocked England, and modern soccer is full of folks from the city as well, names like Taylor Twellman, Tim Ream and Becky Sauerbrunn. The city can even claim to have what was possibly the first-ever organized women’s league in the United States.

Back in 2021, the four St. Louis City SC fans who run the River City Ramble podcast were keenly aware of all of this when they named their then-new show the “Soccer Capitol Podcast.” That phrase — “soccer capital of America” did not feel owned by anybody, it felt like a part of the American soccer zeitgeist. Even if the phrase itself was trademarked, who was going to bat an eyelash at a quartet of random soccer fans running an unprofitable podcast from their collective bedrooms?

Sporting Kansas City, that’s who.

Unbeknownst to anyone, SKC thought that the place they call home had its own claim to the title. And for one reason or another, they applied for a trademark on the phrase in the summer of 2021, a couple of months after the River City Ramble guys broadcasted their first episode. A year later, in July of 2022, that trademark became registered.

“Then we see that (Sporting) puts out their own podcast, called ‘Soccer Capital of America,’ and I was like ‘uh oh, we’re in trouble,’” River City Ramble co-host Mike Turner told The Athletic last week. He had good reason to be suspicious. In February of this year, Sporting KC general counsel and vice president Andrea Kimball reached out to him. “Do you have time to chat on about the federally registered trademark (Soccer Capital of America), that our legal department believes is being infringed by the name of your podcast?,” she asked.

What Xbox do I get my boyfriend? by plantrovertdiaries in xbox

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They are pretty much identical in what they can put out graphically.

What Xbox do I get my boyfriend? by plantrovertdiaries in xbox

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Worth noting for OP: You don’t need a disc drive for Apex. It’s a free download, so if budget is an issue, go for the Series S!

That being said, the Series X is a beast and I’m sure he would be over the moon if you got that for him.

Microsoft's chances of closing Activision deal raised to 70% from 50% at Citi by LordofWhore in xboxone

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Consolation and Monopolization are two REALLY different things.

In no remotely plausible explanation can someone make the case that Microsoft is “monopolizing” the games industry. That’s just absurd.

That being said, it’s perfect ok to be against consolidation.

Noticed a CD copy of We on the floor below me as I was walking to the cashier with a copy of Zamyatin's We at the bookstore. Coincidence? I think not :) by JacobHacks in arcadefire

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I was looking all over the literal “floor” in the picture here. I eventually found it on the shelf and realized what you meant by floor here haha

Fitness won't recognise stand hours. by [deleted] in AppleWatchFitness

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It’s definitely possible and should work even on prior days.

Just make sure you add an activity that would give stand credit. I use indoor walk generally.

Also worth noting that it sometimes takes a while for activity and health to sync. I’ve had it update in like 5 minutes and I’ve had it take like 5 hours

Are you doing okay there, O’Connell’s? Why so angry? by Interactive_CD-ROM in StLouis

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It’s not hard to find multiple instances of this guy being an asshole to people online. Google reviews is a good place to start.

Main character is first to go here? by CatPotatey in Starfield

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This theory is a popular one.

MrMattyPlays has a video on it that is pretty well done on YT

Is 3-0 lifetime really a rivalry? by aaron12891 in xfl

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Confucius say:

“St. Louis root for XFL because of NFL situation.”

“D.C. root for XFL because of NFL situation too.”

“Jordan Ta’amu great unifier of many peoples”

Is 3-0 lifetime really a rivalry? by aaron12891 in xfl

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So much better that you drafted our 2.0 QB, huh? /s