The reality of the war by zaham_ijjan in FunnyandSad

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"... now every April, I sit on my porch,

And I watch the parade pass before me.

And I see my old comrades, how proudly they march

Reviving their dreams of past glory

I see the old men all twisted and torn

The forgotten heroes of a forgotten war

And the young people ask me "What are they marching for?"

And I ask myself the same question."

Why can't girls date a bi man? by Iamnotmyselfbut in bisexual

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Those who matter don't mind

and those who mind don't matter.

bi🎸irl by sharpy10 in bi_irl

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Playing the guitar is Emily Sprague

bi_irl by [deleted] in bi_irl

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I'm bisexual which means I'm attracted to the UK in the summer and the summer is a bit of a mess.

What the hell is even that? by srcorvettez06 in Truckers

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... when they got through the title weighed sixty pounds

Cereal toys! by Verlorenfrog in CasualUK

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I've still got my Star Wars set of Tazos.

How do I allow this permission?? by Beepbipboppityboop in AndroidQuestions

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Thanks so much! I'll call them.

They need to get this fixed!

How do I allow this permission?? by Beepbipboppityboop in AndroidQuestions

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Did you ever resolve this?
I am trying to do the same thing (in what I'm guessing is the same app!) and I', having no luck either. I can't even download through their website, as that function is broken too!

Shrek, the diamond leopard king. by Street_Initial3445 in crappyoffbrands

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If it can kill James Bond villains and even Hitler himself, it can kill ducks.

You've just got to believe in yourself.

Poland joke by dragos_wyt in TikTokCringe

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I had a Polish ex who would correct me on this too, thought it was just her.

meirl by Leastibrarian in meirl

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"Now, I've been shot over more times than Sarajevo, but the sight of his womb ferret made my beige slime seep like a slug in a salt mine. He munched on my vertical smile, even though I'd had the painters in for the best part of a week. Within no time, I could feel the shitty ectoplasm leaching from my shit winker and all over my beef curtains. After having my calamari cockring hammered, he then proceeded to pound my fart valve. He launched a giant sewer trout on my superdroopers just so he could consume it up like a bulldog eating porridge."

I am on a train reading this and laughing so hard that people are starting to stare.

Spent the summer designing a couple of cute hippos! by oid_patterns in sewing

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I love the rolls of fat around the first one's neck!

Amazing work!

Work Dog Policy - how to deal with nuisance callers by MissMizu in CasualUK

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I believe I speak for the entire subreddit when I say:

We demand to see Alf.