The post I needed today by somar_reeves in wholesomememes

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You can make use of the zero by using decimal factorials (the gamma function) making it n = 30.7! which gives the infinite decimal 2.7135...

This is a few thousandths off e (2.7182...), the natural exponential, so love to the power of anything grows almost perfectly with how much love you already have. Even weirder, it also makes love irrational.

meme = deep.

Praise the honkmother by acl2006 in Barotrauma

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Do you have the source? Shell hits ballistic gel dummy has a lot of results.

How do I choose which turret I look out of when using a periscope connected to multiple turrets? by Tuhjik in Barotrauma

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Yes! The rule is consistent! Whichever relay you place last determines the gun that gets focus. Thanks, I was ready to give up.

How do I choose which turret I look out of when using a periscope connected to multiple turrets? by Tuhjik in Barotrauma

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I've just attempted that, and still having the same problem. I've set it up in the tutorial colony, wired the two turrets in the right order (bottom should be primary), de-wired and wired in order again with relays, still the same problem. Just don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for replying though, maybe you can see the problem in the clip?

Request Wednesday - All Requests go here! by AutoModerator in FalloutMods

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[FO4] Generic Settler Replacer (replace generics with spawnable unique settlers)

  • Generic settlers cannot be edited and customized in any meaningful way beyond what they wear.
  • The 1000 unique settlers can be freely customized in looksmenu but must be manually spawned.

A weapon or station that deletes the generic settler and replaces it with a random unique of the same gender would allow a player to grow their settlement naturally without sacrificing customizability.

Big Continent Map made on my phone. Names suck and mountain ranges aren’t realistic, but happy with how it turned out by Virtual-Common7547 in dndmaps

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Did you find doing it on your phone meant you did a lot during breaks etc. or was it mostly dedicated sessions of mapmaking?

Love it, in scale and style. I think you'll spend the next ten years writing lore though.

Stealing from a grave by pau1rw in trashy

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Nope, it's just corporations kicking and screaming about worldwide distribution. They're selling the distribution rights to other companies in these countries, which means they have to block access to it from their own channel. Can't exactly convince people to buy a licence for your show if viewers can watch it easily elsewhere.

Be careful out there, these people actually exist by PacmanTheHitman in PublicFreakout

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There's something very dystopian about watermarking a clip of a breakdown. Is someone really going to claim distribution rights to this woman's mental break?

Stunning attention to detail by BasicStudy5659 in Unexpected

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Oh no, did I just learn she's not actually called Philomena Cunk?


[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ukpolitics

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[edit: probably shouldn't have linked to the career page of an MP, seems to have triggered anti-bot measures]

I used to be in your camp, now I'm less certain.

If most MPs leave local government to councils and typically jump between different departmental roles within government (like minor parliamentary under-secretary roles with vague and nebulous purviews), then the skills they require seem less to do with in-depth understanding of governance and more about their ability to gather support, coordinate and engage the public. A comedian with solid political rhetoric may be good at that.

I'd be hesitant, but I doubt it would be catastrophic.

Well it was probably on accident but the Russian UN Twitter actually told the truth about the sham referendums... by JimHFD103 in NonCredibleDefense

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The Ukrainian constitution mandates an All-Ukrainian referendum on matters of territorial integrity, but foreign troops aren't mentioned there. Simply being in a 'warlike' or 'emergency' state (Article 20) halts the referendum until 30 days after that state has ended. Never mind the litany of other provisions Russia has ignored.

I'd like to point out that most contemporary post-conflict elections involve foreign troops (UN or neutral) overseeing the elections. Note that those are post-conflict and not the fucking aggressor's troops, but if international law stated that foreign troops meant the election isn't legitimate you'd find very few post-conflict elections are.

Hear me out! 3rd person remote-controlled tank. by dodonotthebird in NonCredibleDefense

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I think if a drone loses connection (maliciously or not) you could let it continue in autopilot or direct it to return to sender with just initial coordinates and a gyro. Ground vehicles would never have that kind of flexibility.

‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ Starts Filming at Disney Studios Australia by MarvelsGrantMan136 in movies

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I'm so bored. Please. New. I need new. It's like being trapped in the same decade of films for the rest of my life.

I want freedom by Justtryingtoliv_ in TalkHeathen

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I'm so sorry that happened to your brother, it must have felt incredibly lonely to grieve while your father was so spiteful. It's not fair and neither you nor your brother deserved that. You're worthy of compassion and people that care about you.

Breaking out of well-worn mental grooves takes time, and needs someone outside yourself who can help you recognize when you fall back in to that groove. Like others have said, a friend or even better a professional really is important. Doing it in isolation is tough. Doing it while numbing with drugs is tougher; joy gets numbed just as much as anxiety.

You can break out of it, everyone can, and it takes time, communication and will. I hope you share your thoughts with someone you care about, and good luck with recovery.

to not be profiled. by deep_blue003v in therewasanattempt

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34:14 is roughly when the airport bit starts, 38:21 is when the 'random bag checks' bit start

They’re still waiting for some trickle down. by EugeneWong318 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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If only everyone was brave enough to say that this is how they feel, right? It's like trying to build relationships through a closed door, stuffing crumpled curated notes through the keyhole, never certain what's on the other persons side. I tried hard like you to hide myself away, thinking I could eventually reason my flaws and my inadequacy away. But everyone elses 'notes' are just as curated as mine, and they all seem flawless. How do I compare with that? Fuck it, depression and numbing seems better (my 'fun' twenties).

I struggled, still do, but the things I thought were inherently wrong with me are just me, and they're part of other people too. If I want them to see me as someone they can relate to, I have to show them. So open the door.

But fuck if opening the door isn't terrifying as hell.

They’re still waiting for some trickle down. by EugeneWong318 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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It's such a universal feeling too! It's the challenge of connection at its core. Could there be something about me that, if it's seen by others, makes me unworthy of connection?

Brene Brown's study of relationships (Atlas of the Heart) distills from a ton of interviews this: Connection is difficult because it's the result of authenticity, achieved by having the courage to share ourselves in a way that includes imperfections, all while having the compassion to treat ourselves kindly (thus allowing us to show compassion to others). If you can do that, you're more than worthy. Worth looking in to, I think she mentions it here.