me irl by ekoaham in meirl

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Why was it never towed?

Woman scolding the ethnic woman even though she’s in the wrong.. by [deleted] in facepalm

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The best part is.... Her son is dating an Asian girl.

Trudeau announcing that the first Friday of June, of every year, will be the national day against gun violence. by gx45tz in Canada_sub

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If I were of African decent, which I may possibly be....

I do see his background folk as a bit too much of a lean.


Jagmeet Singh didn't even bother to congratulate Danielle Smith by CRBstar in Canada_sub

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Define classless Canadian?

Couldn't possibly have less class than Justin, could he?

Oh wait, Justin is not Canadian.

Cannot stop the Zuck by BroBogan in JoeRogan

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Got that Jacked Bezos envy going on I see. Hey Billy Gates it's your turn LOL

Vote with your wallet by Top_Soft_9601 in conspiracy

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Bullshit? So just throw in the towel?

This is part of the problem

Meirl by OreoSnorty69 in meirl

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Now do the girls...

LOL 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆

Advertising, only for some....? by Top_Soft_9601 in Canada_sub

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Couldn't the same ad be made in English and still target the same audience?