Supreme Court rejects final Trump election challenge by ACABBLM2020 in news

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The court announced the rejection without comment in a one-line order, which is its normal practice.

"You lost, get over it"

24m who likes to ride bikes, let's be having you by Keilza111 in RoastMe

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Loses the seat every time he tries to ride them

Carpenter raises $3 million for strangers by kyuubi73 in nextfuckinglevel

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Good for him, trying to make the world a better place

Deal with it pal by Zee_Ventures in funny

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"After 2 weeks, my masterpiece is complete"

Dallas police officer charged with arranging two killings by justananonymousreddi in news

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Garcia did not explain why Riser was arrested nearly 20 months after the witness came forward, and police declined to answer subsequent questions about the timing. Riser joined the department in 2008, and Garcia acknowledged that he had been patrolling Dallas while under investigation for the killings.

Dodging questions and waiting for it to blow over seems to be a recurring theme for police failures

Federal investigators are examining communications between US lawmakers and Capitol rioters by suitcaseofballots in news

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The existence of such communications doesn't necessarily indicate wrongdoing by lawmakers and investigators aren't yet targeting members of Congress in the investigation, the official noted. Should investigators find probable cause that lawmakers or their staffs possibly aided the insurrectionists, they could seek warrants to obtain the content of the communications. There's no indication they've taken such a step at this point.

No one in congress is being investigated yet

She literally melts into a puddle... by AristonD in WatchPeopleDieInside

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She was great in her initial drive from the kitchen, just couldn't tap it in

NYC Pigeons commit premeditated homicide by bro-i-want-pasta in PublicFreakout

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From the makers of Zebra Stripe gum comes Pigeon Wings gum

Keeping them out by Ads61002 in Unexpected

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I even did a little dodge bc I expected the girl to get hit in the face