Why do so many pastors/ religious people become sex offenders? by gh0st_boy36 in TooAfraidToAsk

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bad acts are okay as part of its beliefs.

I'm a 3rd party here but...

Yes. And...?

The Bible outlines pretty clearly what the ten punishments are for violating the ten commandments and every one of them is horrific, "bad acts" that are completely unacceptable in a civilized, rational society.

It also repeatedly--over and over again--treats women and other human beings as property. As if that's acceptable.

If you truly desire to follow the rules/teachings in the Bible you're a monster. Instead of stoning someone to death for committing adultery you should go right ahead and shove those stones right up your ass!

This shampoo lists what each ingredient is by Heterochromio in mildlyinteresting

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Yes but it's salt that's derived from sweaty men who recently ate coconut 🥥

When you go on a dating show to find love by dil_mangoes in Unexpected

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Guys, stop making fun of this person! They don't have a zip line so they're instinctively trying to achieve that whoosh effect.

Amazon and Google fund anti-abortion lawmakers through complex shell game by zsreport in technology

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I work for an enormous company with a CEO that's pro-choice (because anti-abortion laws hurt the bottom line when it comes to the company's healthcare expenses). I bet this person wasn't quite aware that the company was funding anti-women lawmakers and articles like this will bring it to their attention.

I'm ~70% certain that because this has been brought to light the company is going to very quietly start restructuring their political contributions. Complex financial structures like those mentioned in the article don't just hide the donations from the public, they also hide them from executives. Some of it is intentional so the company executives can't have total control over donations (because that's a conflict of interest that could get a highly regulated company in big trouble). It's also partially to insulate the executives from legal liability.

Articles like this are far more influential than you'd think. Nobody is getting fired on Monday over it but you can be sure as shit that there's going to be regular meetings about it for the next month so the company can re-write their own rules in regards to political (and charitable) contributions.

I know most of you think the CEOs/executives at all these big companies are empathy-free (psychopath) capitalists and many are (sure as shit: Bezos and Musk). But most of them are just ridiculously out of touch (LOL) and don't really know what the right thing to do is in any given situation.

Amazon and Google fund anti-abortion lawmakers through complex shell game by zsreport in technology

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No. It's more like, "we need plenty of babies so that statistically there's a higher likelihood that one or two of them will be the engineers we need to automate the rest out of their jobs. Everyone else can die in the streets for all we care."

The zuck just uploaded an introduction to the quest 3 by Testacc4321 in virtualreality

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Hand tracking + mostly forward facing headset cameras will probably work perfectly fine for 90% of users who mostly play beatsaber

If the refresh rate of the cameras is less than 90Hz it won't be good enough for Beat Saber. Noooo way. I'm guessing 120Hz would be the minimum.

I mean, it might be fine for middle-aged folks playing "Hard" maps on normal speed (that are new to the game) but it would drive seasoned players nuts.

I want to know if the new controllers can handle this: https://replay.beatleader.xyz/?scoreId=7049519 (I just posted this replay last night)

Why and how did we all collectively agree we didnt care about our ringtones and that we weren't going to change them anymore? by IamRealperson1 in NoStupidQuestions

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Excellent! You gotta set it to something obscure that only your people would catch.

Mine is Law's Den Den Mushi 👍

Move App No Longer Tracking by Anxious_Huckleberry9 in OculusQuest

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Nope! Though mysteriously a few days ago the Move app started tracking my movement/time for a few minutes before I stopped playing and went to bed. The next day it was back to not working again though 🤷

I'm hoping that it's a sign that Meta is working on it and was trying something out.

Tara Reade, darling of MAGA social media is a Russian agent. by Travismatthew08 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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It seems highly believable but I still need to see something more trustworthy than a screenshot from Twitter posted to Reddit.

It may be true but if you already shared this without checking you need to put your skepticism hat back on.

Cyber thieves swipe $700,000 from Jacksonville-based church network by UncleFroyo in jacksonville

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It's easy! Just demand evidence that their god is real. Give the god some trivial task to perform like moving a pen from the floor to a desk and have all the church people pray for this to happen. Make it so they only need to have this happen once every 100 years to keep their non-fraud designation.

Give them a couple weeks. Heck, let them reach out globally to have their god--any god--please perform this simple action so they don't have to face the music in regards to being a scam.

When the time is up it will simply contribute to the exceptionally consistent statistical record of prayer 👍

meirl by MeteorIntrovert in meirl

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Next time pinch to zoom out so you can get a wider view of things. It'll be fun times when sleeping with a partner 👍

Boycott vs terrorism by overpregnant in WhitePeopleTwitter

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There's an actual scientific study that that suggests that adult transwomen maintain an athletic advantage over ciswomen within two years of transitioning but after that the advantages largely disappear:


The one remaining, life-long advantage transwomen have is increased lung capacity which results in better performance for things like long-distance running:


None of this really applies to children though. Age especially would make enormous differences. For example, girls are generally stronger and have greater muscle density than boys around the ages of 12-14. Presumably this would mean that a trans girl of that age would be at a disadvantage. However, if given puberty blockers she would be at a disadvantage all throughout high school years (aka the only years anyone seems to care about athletic performance).

I'm not aware of any studies regarding bone density but is there any evidence to suggest that bone density even improves athletic performance? I'd think that having denser bones would be more of a disadvantage when it came to the number of platelets in your blood but might provide a slightly better shield against injury 🤷

Woman explaining their situation in China by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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Here's the thing, Japanese people: Christmas cake is still absolutely fucking delicious the next day.

The way this guy explains the Japanese/Chinese writing system by sloppyjoesaresexy in oddlysatisfying

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Well... As long as you watched for shrimp crossing it's all good 👍