The amount of packaging required for me to buy the additional equipment I need to use my iPhone. All of this would have come in the phone’s box five years ago but Apple decided to stop including them to cut down on packaging and waste. by BeckburyWolf in mildlyinfuriating

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My in-ear running headphones that have a headphone jack. The Apple ones won’t stay in my ear (but I still wanted them because the hands free mic is useful when it’s freezing cold outside) so I needed both.

Motera is the 2nd Largest Sports Stadium in the World in terms of Capacity. by PickleRick1163 in Cricket

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The NFL has a blackout rule that will penalise teams if they sell fewer than 85% of their home tickets by stopping the games from being shown in the local market.

The teams generally decide that it’s better to have a smaller stadium that will sell out every week than risk a 100k seater stadium that will be empty whenever they’re playing a smaller team.

Also, there are only 32 NFL teams so some massive cities will only have college teams to support. Hence: massive stadium.

Picture perfect scorpion kick in the Romanian third tier by ass_pickles in soccer

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Is a slo-mo spidercam too much to ask for from the third tier of Eastern European football pyramids? Is it?!?

Picture perfect scorpion kick in the Romanian third tier by ass_pickles in soccer

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Watched until the end of the video, expecting to see a replay from a better angle. Feel a bit stupid now.

Brilliant pressing from Mohamed Elneny in the 91st minute by 29092 in soccer

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Me seeing this post: “is this sarcasm? Let’s see”

Me after watching the video: “alright, fair play.”

Cocktail Chemistry - Espresso Martini by CocktailChem in GifRecipes

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Replace the coffee liqueur with Cafe Patron. Oh man, it’s amazing.

Cocktail Chemistry - Espresso Martini by CocktailChem in GifRecipes

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From my experience, skipping the sugar affects the way the drink foams so, even if you want a more-bitter taste, you still need some in there.

I’d recommend adding half a teaspoon of granulated white sugar to do the trick. Delicious.

The detail on this cake by DJ_0330 in nextfuckinglevel

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There’s a split second just before the end where two of the flowers are positioned juuuuust right to make it look like a monster face.

Does that detract from its perfection? Far from it.

What video game caused you the most amount of rage? by cardoorhookhand in AskReddit

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I once reacted to losing a race on Mario Kart by headbutting my Gameboy Advance. It was a bad reaction.

Is there anything you miss from the way the uk was in the past? by Garrett8319 in AskUK

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High fees are a result of the cap coming in. They said that the maximum should be £3000 so every university just said collectively “Well, yeah. That sounds about right then”.

My recommendation to anyone who is off to watch Tenet over the next few days and is worried about the reports that it’s difficult to follow by BeckburyWolf in movies

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I absolutely loved the film but would encourage everyone to just enjoy it for what it is for the first time and then, if you want to stress-test the logic/rules, save the scrutiny for your second viewing and beyond.

Spike Lee and Topher Grace on the set of BlacKkKlansman (2018) by Str33twise84 in Moviesinthemaking

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I think it was The Hobbit.

Yeah, I just checked. He spoke about being so depressed about giving a voice to Duke that he jumped into a passion project where he cut the three Hobbit films into one two-hour movie.

I would love to see that.

(Apparently he also did Star Wars but that was before this and was taken down when Lucas’ copyright-sense started tingling)

Dr House strikes again by Dhruvkmc123 in Cricket

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Because the West Indies and Pakistan are the two teams who have traveled to England this summer to enter the anti-pandemic bio-bubble and play some Test cricket.

Gamers of Reddit, what game from your childhood can you remember playing even though no one else seems to have a clue what it is? by ImaginaryMairi in AskReddit

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Trog! on SNES.

I remember it as an awesome dinosaur game that we used to play for hours after school but watching that video on YouTube now has just shattered my reality as I realise it was really just a knockoff Pac-Man...

Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones poses for a photo with a sleeping Zeppelin fan by tonyiommi70 in pics

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In cricket, ‘wicket’ can refer to a few things but in terms of ‘sticky wicket’, it means that the pitch that the teams are playing on is difficult to bat on because of rain making it wet and, as a result, unpredictable.

‘Sticky wicket’ pretty much means being in a difficult situation.

Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones poses for a photo with a sleeping Zeppelin fan by tonyiommi70 in pics

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Love to see it! He really wasn’t happy about being dropped for the 1st test!

Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones poses for a photo with a sleeping Zeppelin fan by tonyiommi70 in pics

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It’s a cricket term.

Essentially, cricket teams are made up of eleven players who are either batting specialists or bowling specialists (there’s also a wicketkeeper and all-rounders but let’s not get into that).

When a team is trying to score runs, their batting specialists start and then when each one is out, they’re replaced by the next person in the team. When a team is through all of their batting specialists, the bowlers start to bat but aren’t expected to score many runs, so they’re known as the tail. ‘Tailenders’ therefore refers to the last players in the batting order, who are generally the worst batsmen but are generally the best bowlers.

I don’t know much about baseball but I imagine that there are certain players who aren’t expected to score many runs but are in the team for their pitching/fielding ability.

The podcast is hosted by Felix (guitarist from the Maccabees), Greg James (Radio DJ) and Jimmy Anderson (world record-holding fast bowler and therefore a tailender for England).