Think Twice Before Waiving Inspection by AddressOverall1725 in RealEstate

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What price range for Richmond may I ask? That is nuts!

(NC) Rate this offer - 10K over asking, 62% to 80% down, paying remainder through a conventional loan. Assuming no appraisal needed, how competitive is this offer? On par with most cash offers? Still looked over? by Benjips in RealEstate

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Dumb question but do you recommend pursuing an appraisal regardless of the ability to waive one?

We would be able to cover a modest difference in value but I guess it could uncover a large difference if it's overpriced.

/u/cromonolith provides an objective, detailed explanation of why Mayim Bialik is vastly inferior to Ken Jennings as the host of 'Jeopardy!' by ExtendJuanSoto in bestof

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It's just so obvious to anyone who has watched the show for more than 3 or so episodes that Ken Jennings is a vastly superior host to Mayim Bialik. It's not even close.

When Mayim is hosting, it seems so hollow and fake. Please do not have her continue.

Which of these boxers heights is the most exaggerated? by Tall_Kid6007 in Boxing

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Cringing at that last clip, great find. Mamoa didn't believe it at all.

Have a question about the game or the subreddit? Ask away! by AutoModerator in 2007scape

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Can you resell an item to MTA shop, e.g. infinity boots, to regain some of what you spent?

[FC Bayern] win the 22/23 Bundesliga by D1794 in soccer

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But then Bayern will be at 19 titles LOL

[FC Bayern] win the 22/23 Bundesliga by D1794 in soccer

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It would take City 8 years to match your current streak. 2031, lmfao. What insane cope.

[FC Bayern] win the 22/23 Bundesliga by D1794 in soccer

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You're going to have to wait forever for that to happen. Just another 8 years for them to match you. That's 2031 lmao.

Diego Pacheco vs. Manuel Gallegos Tops DAZN Card, July 7 in Mexico by sugerdigitalgenius in Boxing

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Pacheco is a problem at 168 for sure. The kid is going from strength to strength and is barely 22. He is definitely approaching top 5 in the division.

I have officially built a ballista from scratch before seeing a Zenyte. Make it stop by rubberturtle in 2007scape

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OP doesn't realize that his collection log RNG is insane hahaha, this puts it in perspective