Version 1.1 Event Warp Roundup: Phase 1 banners starts on June 7th! (ETA 11:00:00 UTC+8) by Bisentinel in HonkaiStarRail

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Version 1.1: Phase 1 Event Warps:

  • Duration: After the version 1.1 update ~ 2023/06/28 11:59 (server time)
  • Contract Zero: Boosted Drop Rate for the Limited 5-star character Silver Wolf (The Nihility: Quantum)
    • ✦5 Silver Wolf (The Nihility: Quantum)
    • ✦4 Dan Heng (The Hunt: Wind)
    • ✦4 Asta (The Harmony: Fire)
    • ✦4 Serval (The Erudition: Lightning)
  • Brilliant Fixation: Boosted Drop Rate for the Limited 5-star Light Cone, Incessant Rain (The Nihility)
    • ✦5 Incessant Rain (The Nihility)
    • ✦4 Subscribe for More! (The Hunt)
    • ✦4 Memories of the Past (The Harmony)
    • ✦4 Make the World Clamor (The Erudition)

Silver Wolf Trailer - "Interesting" | Honkai: Star Rail by Bisentinel in HonkaiStarRail

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"Kafka, are you trying to get my interest???"

"Not really. Just seeing if I can charge some interest."

~ Official YouTube ~

Upcoming Campaign Notice: "Story Clear Support Campaign" + "Leonardo da Vinci (Rider) Pickup Summon" begins on June 1st! by Bisentinel in grandorder

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  • Story Clear Support Campaign
    • Campaign Period: 2023-06-01 21:00 ~ 08-14 20:59 PDT (GMT -7)
    • You'll need to have cleared Part 2 Chapter 5.5 "Naraka Mandala, Heian-kyo ~ Thunderous Flash" to unlock Part 2 Chapter 6.
    • Clear the Main Story up to Part 2 Chapter 5 Olympus to earn 7 Leyline Stones!
    • Clear Part 2 Chapter 6 Master Missions in Set 1 to earn Saint Quartz x12.
    • AP costs will be cut to 1/4 for Main Quests up to Part 2 Chapter 5.5
  • Part 2 Chapter 6 Pre-Release Leonardo da Vinci (Rider) Pickup Summon

Key Visual for the Genius Invokation TCG Invitational Tournament by Bisentinel in Genshin_Impact

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The Genius Invokation TCG Invitational Tournament (CN) is coming soon!

Wait no further, Travelers!

We'll be holding a special event to showcase the skills of our duelists! We've gathered the best TCG players, and they are ready to go toe-to-toe at the duel table!

~ Genshin Events Weibo ~

Official Illustration featuring Tighnari & Collei Celebrating 9 Million Followers on Genshin Impact's Weibo Account by Bisentinel in Genshin_Impact

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The number of followers on Genshin Impact's official Weibo has exceeded 9 million!

To commemorate, here's a special illustration by @motai__.

~ Official Weibo ~

Official Illustration featuring Noelle & Amber Celebrating 17 Million Followers on Genshin Bilibili by Bisentinel in Genshin_Impact

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The number of followers on Genshin Impact's official Bilibili page has exceeded 17 million!

~ Official Bilibili ~

Luka by Bisentinel in HonkaiStarRail

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Rough Translation:

"Here's something you should know, the secret to being a champion is to train hard while others are resting."

Bright and optimistic, an adaptable fighter with a mechanical arm, and one of the members of "Wildfire".

From the boxing ring to the battlefield, or from a boxer to a fighter, Luka uses his power to protect the citizens of the Underworld.

After having gone through despair and hardships himself, he is more eager to bring hope unto others.

~ Luka

Luka by Bisentinel in HonkaiStarRail

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Luka (✦4 Physical ~ Nihility)