(nonononoyes)*3 by queixume in nonononoyes

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Every time I see this posted I just have to watch it! I imagine that mans life has been a downhill ever since.

This is not the way by Nicedoodle in memes

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I remember learning about ‘Hypospadias’ when I was younger. This is where the hole is not on the end of the penis, but in some other wrong location. Me and my brothers used to joke about someone being ‘Multi-Hypospadias’, or basically having a colander cock! I wonder if spongebob has one of these?

Sacha Baron Cohen sing along from today, full video. Story in comments. by smell1s in interestingasfuck

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So Sacha Baron Cohen gatecrashed a rightwing event pretending to be this red neck singer. He was rumbled and chased out of the venue, only to return later wearing a fake wig and moustache to interview the event leader about how outraged he was to have been trolled like that! This is inception level trolling!!

Shops selling "mini oranges" and not saying whether it's a satsuma, clementine, tangerine, or mandarin (which will probably have seeds) by PickledStink in britishproblems

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The most annoying part of this term is that satsumas are always the easiest to peel (and best variety by far!), but an ‘easy peeler’ is never a satsuma!

Shaving wood with a 300mm wide Kanna blade! by akasaiga in nextfuckinglevel

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There was no way I couldn’t watch that until the end.

AITA for "mansplaining" vaginas to a woman? by RedValuable in AmItheAsshole

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I was ready to cringe when I read the title of this, but thankfully I didn’t have! Definitely NTA.

The Good Stuff by Professional_Year in memes

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Man, this is so relatable. I think my younger self would hate me/ be embarrassed for me right now!