What kind of animal is making this terrifying noise? by Okan_ossie in britishcolumbia

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I think the deeper sound is the exhale and the higher sound is made on the in breath.

When did Azuma go to sh*t? by [deleted] in VictoriaBC

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I don’t know anyone who lives here who actually eats there. It seems to be a place tourists go to and that’s about it.

Discussion: Forget trunks or no trunks--> Cape with, or without, the classic yellow "S" for Legacy? by RacerXX7 in DC_Cinematic

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Exactly. No one’s going to see Superman from the back without the yellow S and ask “who’s that guy?”

Is there any Superman villain that could have an elseworld movie/character study like Joker? by Dronnie in DC_Cinematic

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Darkseid is like a whole ruler of planets and whatnot. He’s got a life outside of Superman and the Justice League.

Iconic Curl or Slick Back for “Superman: Legacy” ? by clutchkweku in DC_Cinematic

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Makes him look like a piece of shit, slopping up his steaks at Truffoni’s.

MAGADONIANS?? Next, he'll register as a church to avoid property taxes on Mar-A-Lago... by TallAd3975 in Fuckthealtright

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I can’t express just how much happier everyone I know has been since we no longer have to listen to this clown every day. It was like four straight years of mounting stress and anxiety with this asshole in charge.

Sgt Pepper's album cover 4k by One-Band4960 in beatles

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Thought this was another Bowie update at first ngl. Getting conditioned by that sub.

Got bored so I built a river delta by Pale_Level_1293 in jurassicworldevo

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Looks great but maybe try tapering the grass into mud and sand.

What’s your favorite line delivery of the season? by gomezaddamslives in IThinkYouShouldLeave

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Hey that's okay that's alright everything's great and everything's night if you wanna feel the feel and you wanna feel the fright than that's alright cause don't get tight if you wanna be great then you gotta be good do it now in the neighborhood!

Thoughts on Across the Spiderverse? by pkjoan in marvelstudios

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It’s way better than Guardians 3. I’d say it’s the best since Into The Spiderverse.

Thoughts on Across the Spiderverse? by pkjoan in marvelstudios

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At first our theatre seemed to think they were just undercutting his character moment with the joke that his mom didn’t know who Spider-Man was but then everyone slowly started to piece it together until the other shoe dropped.

I Think I've Figured Out What I'm Going to Do With My Hair For The Date by Ok_Barracuda_1161 in IThinkYouShouldLeave

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If you put it back into a pony tail be sure people know not to park on the sidewalk.

I am trying to become Jake Sully by [deleted] in Avatar

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It’s ok to have role models. But you should always try to be the best version of yourself.