How and why are DSLR’s still a thing and the pricing remains very consistent knowing that mirrorless is the future. by No-Future1152 in Nikon

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For example of the price stickiness NikonD850 is the more or less same price range (like a 10% increase now v/s when I purchased mine). NikonD500 the price has increased (close to double to when I picked mine).

PS I’m not debating the benefits of each system but more your thought

Very well said. When I initially picked up a mirrorless (it was one of those sony a7 models), I realized I had vertigo looking through the viewfinder after a few minutes. Same thing with a z6 which I own. I only decided to go fully mirrorless once the 800 PF came out. Thankfully whatever they did with the z9 viewfinder works, and I don't have any issues.
But I am guessing there are a few folks out there who are not thrilled by the mirrorless experience, and considering that their production has almost stopped, the limited supply is causing the demand in the secondary market.

Some BIF shots with the Z9 + 800PF - all taken at 1/2500sec - f6.3 - iso from 3200-6400 by ecudan82 in Nikon

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I was just out with the same combo and that 800 sure is different from my 500mm to handle. Every image here looks perfect, I hope with enough practice I would be as good one day.

Is the Z9 autofocus really that inferior to Sony and Canon mirrorless (as per social media)? by zerefdota in Nikon

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I have a z9 and if you are a Nikon shooter, the z9 af system is easy to understand. I used to shoot a D6 and there is very little learning curve when setting up a z9 af. Sony and Canon has gone a different route and had thrown everything into the auto mode. This is in line with their corporate strategies. Sony didn’t have a history with cameras and could start any way they wanted and Canon is known for abruptly changing directions. Nikon for whatever it’s worth rarely changes the way they do things and that’s why they have such dedicated followers.

The z9 af, once you learn how to set up a Nikon AF system is as good as anything in the market. Jan Wegener who is primarily a canon bird photographer on YouTube has done many videos showcasing this. So does Steve Perry.

Now as far as I know Jared Undone was never a Nikon shooter and coming to the system it’s easy to feel that the setup is unnecessary. Another YouTuber I have seen doing this is fro knows photo who used to be a Nikon shooter and knows how the Nikon af system works. But if you watch his reviews he almost always put his z9 on 3D tracking and complain about it not picking up the subject, which is again not how the af system works on a Nikon camera.

A few Saguaros from Saguaro National Park [3413x5120][oc] by sanu29 in EarthPorn

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50-75 years for the first arms to grow. A ranger mentioned that if they have more than one arm, they are probably over 100 years old.

Winter wonderland at Saguaro National Park, Arizona [5120x3413][oc] by sanu29 in EarthPorn

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lol no, there is a trail leading to a small hill called signal hill in the middle of the valley. Native American tribes used it to communicate because its easy to find in this vast valley.

There was a shockingly large amount of greenery at the Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park[5120x2880][oc] by sanu29 in EarthPorn

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I spent some time in the deserts, what you say applies to the deserts of the southwest USA, but that's by no means how most deserts are. Also, I didn't say there are no plants in deserts. I am not sure what the point of your comments is other than to sound like an edge lord.

Sand dunes in Oman [1100x550] [OC] by nickolaswarnerphoto in EarthPorn

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Just came back from death valley but this looks like another level of dunes.