Trudeau Re-Elected Sultan Of Canada by Redr_Evergrey in Conservative

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The thing is, if pictures came out of the leader of the conservative party (or any other conservative member of parliament) wearing black or brown face, the only sound you would hear would be the building of the gallows on Parliament Hill (similar to the lawn in front of the US Capital Building) for his public execution.

But good old Justin is made of Teflon. Scandals don't seem to stick to him.

PPC Leader Maxime Bernier fails to win seat, but party increases popular vote by nimobo in Conservative

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Unfortunately, the 5% is meaningless in terms of seats. The PPC will never get enough votes in any one riding to elect a member of parliament. Unless we get proportional representation, which will never happen, the PPC is doomed. All they will accomplish is the splitting of the conservative vote

Megathread- Election Night Discussion by medym in canada

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It doesn't need politicians to kill it. CBC TV will die a natural death from a lack of any decent shows. The only survivor will be CBC news and radio.

Megathread- Election Night Discussion by medym in canada

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Yes, the PPC would definitely have had a voice in Parliament under a PR system. I wonder if the calls for scrapping FPTP will continue with the knowledge that PPC would have more seats than the Green party if it was done away with. Thoughts?

What are you currently watching? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Re-runs of Ken Burn's documentary on the Civil War. In the middle of episode 2.

Mark Almond: Is the US army becoming a threat to American democracy? by ChunkyArsenio in Conservative

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I don't think so. It was the actions of one man. That said, I cannot help but think of the movie 'Seven Days in May.'.

I am so angry at my mother now. by [deleted] in entitledparents

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Exactly. Mom is not going to change. She will continue to say negative things, no matter what OP does, and I believe OP knows this. OP has two choices - move out and go NC, or stay and put up the BS. OP is not going to change her mother or what she thinks.

What's your favorite candy bar? by fivetonsofflaxx in AskReddit

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Soma's Old School Cool Milk Chocolate - A Canadian small batch chocolate maker.

Mars bar for common, off the shelf.