The Wire challenges new digital media rules before Delhi High Court by --5- in india

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In the next few weeks:

Delhi HC - This creates a bad precedent. Request central govt to revisit and rethink the laws.

Supreme Court CJI - I'll allow it. Also dear leader, would you like to marry the country you are fucking without consent?

Tomorrow is Jamie's last day with The Majority Report by tamort in TheMajorityReport

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Oof that was painful to watch. She completely missed the point of the question and went on her tangent "You better hope your idea is good, and people are willing to work on it".

Dear Jamie, an idea can be great, like a Pixar Movie, but still involves hours and hours of boring work by people who believe in the idea 100%. The question is what if people don't want to do that boring work and want to do more interesting work, which someone else is already handeling. How do you incentivize the boring work? It's a good question. She didn't answer it.

Tomorrow is Jamie's last day with The Majority Report by tamort in TheMajorityReport

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Can you remember which video was it? It's not even that hard a question. Socialist workplace doesn't mean everyone has to be onboard the same vision. It means everyone is given a job that fits their skill-set, even if it is boring, but those workers get to decide how their working conditions and their wages are going to be. As for settling disputes about the vision, the workers themselves take a vote and majority gets to decide where the company is headed. Am I wrong about this?

Tomorrow is Jamie's last day with The Majority Report by tamort in TheMajorityReport

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Nah man. Anyone who doesn't talk about third party or partake in holier than thou virtue signal on Twitter, is a liberal elite who should be cancelled because woke communists on the internet said so /s

Tomorrow is Jamie's last day with The Majority Report by tamort in TheMajorityReport

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Exactly. There is going to be another twitter shitstorm over how Sam couldn't handle the truth, while the reality is she was inept at getting the POV across.

You can be a radical anarchist communist who is more woke than everyone else, and still be inefficient at the job you are supposed to do. Both things can be true at the same time.

Michael was the best by far at his job.

The Asshol Poriborton. by sudden_dust in india

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Well, since this guy looks happy after being screwed over, the cartoonist was going for intestines, because he couldn't digest the truth.

The Asshol Poriborton. by sudden_dust in india

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Is it supposed to be sign of kidney removal? What's behind the current scar placement?

Gorgeous living room of a home in Finland settled by the lake [3802x4752] by beersjob in RoomPorn

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"Everything happens for a reason." - Easy for you to say when you are living in a literal Paradise.

Why is this so common? by ovelhaloira in ABoringDystopia

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I mean you can change it. Sorta. Till you run out of money and your kids are starving. Those few weeks will be totally worth it though.

India : a Venn diagram [ X-post from r/HongKong ] by JaggaBomb in india

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Wrong. Mukesh Ambani is going to be richer than any Chinese Billionaire. Doesn't that make you proud? /s

Straight facts by ComplexSurround3 in Unexpected

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It's the acient re-incarnation ritual. If the video lasted few more seconds, you could have seen the pigeon flying away.

Arranged marriage problems by blitzskrieg in india

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Yeah, not talking about them. That's where consent comes in. I am talking about what goes on when the child doesn't consent. Speaking as someone who is constantly pressured and have friends who have married because of this pressure.

Arranged marriage problems by blitzskrieg in india

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No. Arranged marriage by emotional manipulation and arranged marriage by threatening your son/daughter is vastly different. In case of emotional manipulation the son/daughter is made to feel he/she have a choice, even if they don't want to get married. Some people stick to their guns and some cave. In forced marriage there is no choice.

Arranged marriage problems by blitzskrieg in india

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That's nonsense. Do you understand how much emotional manipulation goes behind arranged marriages?

"You are getting old beta, get married fast, log kya kahenge?""

"Get married beta, we are sad and we will feel happy if you bring a bahu into our home."

"Beta your mom has cancer and we don't know how many years she will survive. She wants to see her grandson before she dies."

"Beti all your father wanted was for you to get married. Now that he is dead, lets find you a boy to take care of you"

And on and on and on... And people continuously cave to that pressure to make their parents happy.

Saying yes to that doesn't make you guilty of bad things that come afterwards, even a little bit. It's their parents fault 100%.

RSS Chief Bhagwat Advocates 'Akhand Bharat', Says Pak in Distress Ever Since Partition by ielephantheaded in india

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No no. India would never offend sovereignty of another country. Our roots get shaken by fucking tweets supporting farmers. Surely telling Pakistan to join India peacefully is totally normal thing to do.

Weasel by truecycle30 in tankiejerk

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How can they be Nazis? They clearly are saying genocide is bad, but only just denying its existence under CCP. Next you'll tell me Holocaust deniers are also Nazis /s

Govt Announces Rules to Regulate Social Media, OTTs & Digital News by kanduri in india

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I seriously doubt BJP would spend the resources to monitor the billions of devices.

Lol. r/agedlikemilk material in few months. I'll post it if the govt permits.

India wants citizens to monitor social media sites for anti-national content by spikyraccoon in worldnews

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Too late now. It's already buried. Also I don't think this is worse than CAA/NRC, which they still plan on implementing. Both are absolute disastrous in their own way.

This is going to make citizens fearful of dissent in general and lock some people up to make examples out of them. And CAA-NRC is going to strip citizenship away from minorities and dissenters who are likely to vote against current govt, and sent to detention/concentration camps. I think latter is a much bigger human rights abuse.

I'm actually losing it. These guys are insane by anime4eva42 in TheRightCantMeme

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In that case you did a wrong analysis of the situation and your fear was unwarranted. It happens. Most rational people were not panicking because they knew one stupid thing wasn't going to change how black voters feel about republicans.