I’ll let this speak for itself by _Foreskin_Burglar in LetsTalkBam

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Honestly don’t know what’s gonna affect his kid more when he grows up. His Dad’s drunk rants about doing drugs and fighting people. Or this cringy shit

New Bam vid dropped by lifeandtimes89 in LetsTalkBam

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He really thinks he’s still that cool 24 year old with a hit TV show

Is this the first he's mentioned Phil in a rant? by Perfect_Level7726 in LetsTalkBam

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Yeah that’s it. They should be enjoying their lives. It’s so sad to think they’re still having to worry about their 40 year old man child the same way you would a 14 year old kid

Jess Twitter Post by Coral_Tooth in LetsTalkBam

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Haha that’s all in the directors cut edition

Bam Margera Threatens To Smoke Crack Until He's Dead Unless He Sees Son by Unlikely_Magician_15 in LetsTalkBam

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I’m curious, does Bam want Phoenix to get delivered directly to him smoking crack with the bums or…

Most overrated and underrated song from the Chilli’s? by Ok-Day5782 in RedHotChiliPeppers

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Definitely agree with your general public picks. Can’t believe some people consider snow the best red hot chili peppers song. (It’s great but soooo many better songs out there)

Californication is the most underrated song they’ve ever released by Daveyj343 in RedHotChiliPeppers

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Underrated yes. But not as underrated as Under The Bridge. Also flip a large fish flipper XD

What songs feel like Everlong by the Foo Fighters? by CruchyBunches in Music

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Fast Car -Tracy Chapman

Who will save your soul -Jewel

Better man -Pearl Jam

Songs that were made for movie soundtracks and ended up as one of the artist's top songs? by jjfmish in popculturechat

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I could be wrong but I think Iris by the goo goo dolls was written for City of Angels (1998)

Why did Tom change so suddenly? by himynameisali1 in Blink182

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Probably in a happier place in his personal life, he was still with ex wife during the first reunion, he’s probably more content with playing pop-punk again and not trying to be this huge area-music band that’s gonna change the world. Also the last time was because of Travis nearly dying, mark and time probably didn’t fully sort their beef out, just pretended like it different happen. This time round it was because of Mark nearly dying. Tom’s probably realised how silly their differences were and just wants to enjoy being with his friends

Podcast Suggestions? by CalligrapherOk7299 in ArmchairExpert

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I agree. I don’t mind Justin Long in general but do not think he’s a good podcast host

AVA Tier List by Away-Raccoon9162 in AngelsAndAirwaves

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I’ve gotta say Mark & Travis really shine in Neighbourhoods more so than other AVA albums

Not sure how old this is, but it's the newest tagged photo on Instagram by SleepawayCamp in LetsTalkBam

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Current Bam is wearing a pink T-Shirt. So anything within next 30 days he will be in that

Bam spotted at my friends salon in Doylestown,PA today by Cultural_Put_6777 in LetsTalkBam

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I sort of agree. I assume these people don’t know the recent situation. But yeah it just lets him continue thinking he’s the man, rather than realising he’s a bum