4.6L OCD Rebuild by roadrash9000 in projectcar

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Did you buy a rebuild kit for this? There are plenty around in the UK and I’m tempted to buy one but didn’t really think too much about rebuilding it.

How good is the UK with cashless payments? by BBQJackson in AskABrit

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I never take my wallet out these days but the one place I’d take a few hundred in cash to is a festival.

Running a liveaboard charter with a kid? by thesillybeetle in liveaboard

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Personally, the last thing I’d want when spending 000s a week on my holiday is some kid I don’t know running about the place. Especially on a boat where there isn’t any space to escape to.

Fish finger madness!! by CrumpFlump in UK_Food

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Needs a higher density of fish gingers fingers imo

Future South Korean carrier strike group concept from HD Hyundai Heavy Industries [2048 x 1072] by rokarmedforces in WarshipPorn

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Babcock have signed a deal with HHI so the carrier is probably going to be the same as QEC in basically every way other than the landing deck.

Official Su-34s :O by Hyperostosis in NonCredibleDefense

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Have these been converted to drones? Watched a video about in the Armenia/Azerbaijan conflict one side had basically converted these into drones and that russian had loads of them in storage that could saturate AAs in Ukraine.

2019 Ferrari 488 Pista [1080x1250] by testsubjectno999 in carporn

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Swap the strip with the one from this car and it’s perfect

2019 Ferrari 488 Pista [1080x1250] by testsubjectno999 in carporn

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That colour and stripe with gold wheels is my dream spec

Culture questions? by [deleted] in AskABrit

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Americans are honestly something else

How I feel about Fun88 no longer being our shirt sponsor by Ste3e in NUFC

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Their twitter was funny back when they first started sponsoring us, no idea what it’s like now though.

Nothing else positive to say about them.

How are you supposed to find a place to rent? Me and my gf have been trying without luck to get a viewing for a place for over a month. Are we missing a trick? by cutekitty1029 in Southampton

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Yeah it’s ridiculous round here. Last year when moving here I’d come down for a day, book a hotel etc for a bunch of viewings and have them all cancelled on me.

You need to be looking as much as possible, ringing agents ASAP and getting the earliest booking you can. If they say “we are only doing bookings on day x” get the earliest slot you can because they will give it to the first person who takes it and cancel on everyone else.

Europa League Final by toonfan74 in NUFC

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Ironically this would make English clubs more valuable because they’d just become money printers. Revenue wouldn’t change and it would be cheaper to compete.

CarPlay radio by Ok_Will4043 in e46

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I think my Q50 Pro has 4gb of ram & a quad core. It’s not slow at all. Can’t recommend it enough. Got all the modern modcons without driving a modern yawn generator.

Isak and Willock vs Bruno and Botman | TOON TEQBALL by Budweizer in NUFC

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That’s not the same table (£3k) but yes I found that too. £1800 is still absolutely ridiculous for a bent table tennis table.

Isak and Willock vs Bruno and Botman | TOON TEQBALL by Budweizer in NUFC

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I’m sure there are alternatives or you could make one but I was pretty shocked to see the price ngl

Isak and Willock vs Bruno and Botman | TOON TEQBALL by Budweizer in NUFC

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Really enjoyed watching this and looked at getting one of those tables for my garden.

They’re £3k!? Wtf