Today marks the 20th anniversary of HTTT getting leaked onto the internet. by mathkid421_RBLX in radiohead

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And ever since then no more Radiohead leaks. They always drop digital first which only like 5-7 people have before they unleash it.

Newest from The Smile in the studio 🤩 by Stacy_Hot in TheSmile

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I’m definitely pro The Smile doing “Cut A Hole”. And why not? Radiohead have had it for over 12 years and never nailed it. Maybe Thom/Jonny/Tom can? Plus like I like the stretchy smile line for the Smile.

The Next Radiohead Album by Stunning_Cap_4614 in radiohead

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At best mid 2025. The Smile are going to be touring all of 2023 with LP2 out at some point by fall. Then we know Ed has an album almost done with Paul Epworth producing. That prob comes out early 2024 then he’s gonna tour it since his last world tour got indefinitely postponed due to COVID. So maybe they get into the studio in 2025 but that’s no guarantee.

Newest from The Smile in the studio 🤩 by Stacy_Hot in TheSmile

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The ending of Bending Hectic has to be really loud. Like end of the world stuff.

Newest from The Smile in the studio 🤩 by Stacy_Hot in TheSmile

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Was it just the same image from IG just this time on the bird app?

Philip Selway - Strange Dance vinyl. Has anyone received their copy yet? by TheAmnesiacKid in radiohead

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Just got mine last night. Still haven’t seen anyone post the bonus album. Definitely want to hear that.

Newest from The Smile in the studio 🤩 by Stacy_Hot in TheSmile

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I love when XL decides to repost their stuff from the studio. Makes me feel like we are a lot closer to hearing new material. Maybe even a single by late spring.

Another studio pic from The Smile by abalechichi in radiohead

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Love all these teasing shots of real photographs around the studio. I hope it’s part of the overall artwork. Maybe inside stuff?

Mark My Words: The Smile will release a studio rerecording of FeelingPulledApartByHorses this album cycle by egstein01 in radiohead

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Idk. We already have the Thom solo track for 14 years. We also gave the Smile Live EP version. If anything a b-side. It’s not needed for the next LP. I’d rather fresh material.

From the Basement… on vinyl? by AddictedToDaylight in radiohead

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Give me the Wall of Ice EP so I can pass on through to the Grey Havens.

Where did Plasticine Figures go?? by Lautjelief in radiohead

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Maybe Thom re-imagined it and gave it to the new Christopher Nolan film.

[FRESH ALBUM] Black Country, New Road - Live at Bush Hall by VietRooster in indieheads

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Gotta admit I am impressed with this live album. Definitely had my reservations after Issac left the band. So hard to replace your front man and only lyrical songwriter. I expected good instrumentation but with skeletal lyrics. Happy to say I’m wrong. LP3 could be a real treat.

They've been recording in the studio for 7 weeks now! by DDF95 in TheSmile

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Nice accounting work. As we know there could be many many takes and overdubs on those tapes. Praying/hoping/wishing this comes out during the USA tour.

What's an unreleased song you'd love to hear an official version of? by CupofWarmMilk in radiohead

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I like that one too but I’d like to hear all versions in top quality.

Which Age of Anxiety do you like best? by memwall in arcadefire

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Shame we prob won’t see that New Order remix.

Follow Me Around (Meeting People Is Easy) by Lennon2217 in radiohead

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It’s harder to do with that song because different cuts and mixes are used in the documentary. FMA is the same song the entire 5 min.

Custom TKOL tracklist by spdougherty in radiohead

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For me “The Daily Mail” just doesn’t sonically fit TKOL. Feels like it would have been a great addition to the In Rainbows bonus CD which is no slight because all those songs kick major major ass. “Staircases”, “The Butcher” and “Supercollider” could have been album tracks.

"Teleharmonic Phaser" preview from Peaky Blinders without background dialogue by CorrectRegret in radiohead

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I love what you did with this rip. Great idea to get part of the song untouched by Peaky dialogue. I have a question and/or project for you. Could this be done to get the full live band version of “Follow Me Around” from the Meeting People is Easy DVD? The entire track plays during the documentary but 2-3 times during the performance it cuts away to band members talking yet underneath it all is the song continuing the play. Figured it is worth a shot to explore. I personally have no clue how to engineer this. Thoughts?

Clip below