I might be getting catfished by someone in Roanoke, what to do? by SolidworksDoer in roanoke

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Could also try sending a Christmas card to the address? See what response you get.

Lou Dobbs Accuses Bill Barr of Being ‘Compromised’ and Part of the ‘Deep State’ by Keenblueeyes in politics

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What's the conversion rate from a sorosbuck to a Stanley nickel... Asking for a friend?

Millionaire Kelly Loeffler mocked for ad claiming she knows what it ‘feels like waiting on that paycheck’ by WorkTomorrow in politics

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I really wish it was a law that any representative, has to sell any stock, or investment of any kind, BUT I'll throw them a bone and say they can only invest in 30 year treasury bonds, but are allowed to buy/sell them on like a yearly basis.

That way the long term success of the country is actually their incentive.

Husky puppy only reacts to the sound of his food bowl by mouthofreason in aww

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You guys should let that happen again, except after the first person gives it, and he's acting for the second person, have the first person walk back in.

The ‘Kraken’ Lawsuit Was Released And It’s Way Dumber Than You Realize by sawskooh in politics

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If you take the spaces as 1s and the places where there should be spaces as 0s it becomes a coded message from Q

Trump: 'I'm ashamed I endorsed' Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp by WorkTomorrow in politics

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He's also going to ask for donations to his campaign instead of the campaigns of the senators who need it.

Trump attacks FBI for not helping him overturn election result: ‘They just move on’ | The president is furious at the FBI for not backing his election fraud claims by ohnoh18 in politics

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This is a point a bring up today to people who don't believe, but not just the Soviets, China, India, any major country would be ecstatic to replace the US as first on the moon. China's had a rover there since 2013. Buy oddly they never called us out.

What is the weirdest nsfw fact you know? by baconburner123 in AskReddit

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There was an ask reddit a while ago saying something along the lines of "what would society be like if everyone glowed when they got turned on"

I feel like this is a better one, what if everyone sneezed when turned on, but also still sneezed for normal reasons. Would we still say bless you? Or thank you?

Does Nextdoor count? From a republican private group. by Skocats7 in ParlerWatch

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Simple, make a conspiracy theory that they've been infiltrated by the deep state. They'll tear each other apart trying to find the culprit.

Trump Supporters in Georgia Ask RNC Chair Why They Should Vote in Runoffs When System Is 'Rigged' by K4lebBl4ck in politics

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I'm not saying don't vote, democrats definitely need to get out! But I do think things have changed. One interesting example is Maine, where Susan Collins won her Senate seat 417k to 347k, but Trump lost the state 360k to 434k. So there's about 57k who voted for Collins and not Trump. My point being, there's definitely some fracture going on.

Recount in Wisconsin county demanded by Trump increases Biden's margin by fernleon in news

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I've heard the scam is actually kinda good... For a scam. He gets investors to start some Trump branded business, never uses his own money. Plays up his image so everyone thinks it'll be the new big brand. Then he charges licensing fees to use his name, charges management fees because his company is managing the locations, hotels/casino/campus. Then I'm sure there's some Russian money laundering involved in purchasing property. But when the business inevitably fails because they are overpaying for everything, then all that was lost was investor money. And he's already made his cut from all the fees he's been charging.

You can see this exact scam playing out now with his campaign. Except they have donors instead of investors. I'm sure the campaign is paying massive fees to use Trump properties if possible, and the kids are getting consultant fees. Also people are "loaning" the campaign money, and probably getting a large interest rate, and will just get the money back. This last part is why the donations say they are going to paying off debt.

Trump appears to backtrack on pledge to leave White House by theindependentonline in politics

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I really want some network to come out with a comedy where Biden is president, but Trump won't leave. And the story is using the typical "deadbeat family member on hard times moves in with you" kinda things. Or at least an SNL skit to this effect.

Man sues for refund of $2.5m he donated to Trump election challenge group by PlanetoftheAtheists in politics

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Yes, but if you asked the average person what was the difference between the mean, median, and mode they wouldn't be able to describe it. So I described it without using the terminology, so people don't get the wrong idea. Also I always think it's more powerful to describe a median as "half the people are below this line"

Man sues for refund of $2.5m he donated to Trump election challenge group by PlanetoftheAtheists in politics

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Slight correction, most Americans don't have more than $3,500 in the bank. The average is around 20k, but that average is brought up by the super rich. Basically if you asked every American how much they had, about half would answer LESS than $3,500.

Giuliani thinks Trump ‘may have won Virginia’ despite Biden winning state by nearly half a million votes by KanpekiEtoile in Virginia

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Correlation does not imply causation. It's also very possible those highly educated voters would vote blue even if they made more money.

Shikimaru cold 🥶 asf by Carlos123718200382 in Naruto

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Honestly this seems like a missed opportunity, the Ōtsutsuki were all about immortality, but sucking planets dry to achieve it. Here you have a legitimate God (I say legitimate because hey... It worked) and a process to be immortal and yet only one person knows about it? The fact that his jutsu was never justified in some way bothers me. Although I always just assumed it was somewhat like kakuzu where he basically had as many lives as he had taken.

Trying to make this circle polar array with no success. by ancientpharmacist in cad

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This is not something easily generated from a singular point without more information. But think of it like a pizza, generate one slice, and constrain it with the equidistant construction and then rotate that around the center.

Trump campaign cuts Sidney Powell from president’s legal team - The abrupt shake-up comes as Powell makes far-fetched and unsupported claims of voter fraud in the 2020 elections. by Neo2199 in politics

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This is my favorite part:

Trump announced Powell as a centerpiece of his legal team in a recent tweet, declaring that she, Giuliani and others would form a team that would later dub itself an “elite strike force.”

This is just so common among his supporters to also LARP as some elite team of soldiers. When in reality they couldn't even join the military because their not in shape.

Judge tosses last election lawsuit in Arizona by query_squidier in politics

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From the way they talk it seems they think driving into any town with a building more than 10 stories is a libral hell hole and they can just start shooting.

Opinion | Bring the red wolves back to Virginia by zsreport in Virginia

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Farming is already like the number one subsidized industry and compensated for everything. At some point I think we should just cut out the middle man and socialize farming in America.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying kill small farming. Just buy the farms and the farmers can stay on as managers with a yearly salary. But they will just be federal employees and not be subject to the swings in economics.

If everyone could see what fetish a person had above their head like a Sims character beacon, how embarrassed would you be? by muspellart in AskReddit

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It would, but also I personally don't rank my kinks as high up on the relationship priority list. So it wouldn't mean much in terms of the rest of the relationship.

Rudy Giuliani's quixotic frenzy has observers wondering if he may need Trump's protection | "One explanation? He needs a pardon and he's trying to earn it," a CNN analyst says by DonaldWillKillUsAll in politics

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I get the feeling what's going to end up taking down the Trump administration is the Presidential Records Act. Because they've probably destroyed so much, but there's plenty of evidence of reports/emails existing, so it'll be obvious when no one can find it.

Trump’s lawsuits plagued by spelling errors: ‘I’ve never seen an election lawyer handle a case as poorly as Giuliani has’ by grepnork in politics

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The only problem with this theory is that these cases are not loosing so much as getting thrown out all together. The article mentioned one case litteraly being filed in the wrong jurisdiction. That's not the kind of thing that can even get escalated through the system.

I suspect they are just being lazy because the whole point is to pretend to be fighting it so that they keep getting donations. So they are just trying to file as much as possible.