Bought this weeping fig about 3-4 weeks ago and it keeps dropping a lot of leaves, mostly from the inside. Dropped leaves are curled, harder, and void of green. How can I tell if the leaf drop is due to it still getting acclimated or if it’s for some other reason? (In front of a south facing window) by Lcphilly in plantclinic

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I've been watering about every 7-10 days. Soil seems to dry out quickly. Misting about daily, every other day. Haven't moved this plant since I purchased it (3-4 weeks ago) but it is still dropping significant amounts of leaves. In front of a south-facing window, and other nearby windows are west facing

Chinese Evergreen leaves starting to yellow. I’ve read that overwatering causes this but it usually dries completely b/t watering. Watering 1-2x per week, and I *think it gets good sunlight. Any help is appreciated, TY! by Lcphilly in plantclinic

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Thanks! I’m watering pretty thoroughly , until water drips through the drainage holes. The plant gets completely dry between my waterings it seems to dry out quickly

My Grandpa (91) and I just finished another project together, and I couldn’t be more grateful! This is our 7th project together - he’s a carpenter & woodworker, and I’m trying to soak up as much as possible - they keep getting more special & fun by Lcphilly in woodworking

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Thank you! My grandpa started woodworking after his own dad passed, and handed down his tools, and that prompted him to take classes to learn how to use the tools. You never know where it will take you! Thanks for your kind words