hmmm by randomguyfromafrica in hmmm

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Gotta ask why this is a thing? Why are they standing in a pool?

hmmm by randomguyfromafrica in hmmm

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Also no ripples in the water. One of them had to of moved to cause a ripple

Why so many plugins on sessions? YouTube? by Est-Tech79 in audioengineering

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All these YouTubers need to get views so they say they have the secret. Which is often BS

If I was in charge of career mode: What I would change by siryesssirrr in FifaCareers

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Very much agree about the jobs. If Pep was fired tomorrow, or even resigned, he could go pretty much anywhere.

Gain Staging/VU Confusion. Am I doing this right? by LocoRocoo in audioengineering

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Thank you very much. Especially with the recording tip.

I’m trying to just get into good gain staging habits.

What is the hardest part of songwriting/producing? by OfficialDelysid in musicproduction

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Worst is when you want to change one minor part but to make it sound consistent have to re record it all

Gran Turismo to Announce Partnership with Super Formula, SF23 Coming to GT7 in April Update by Captain_Smartass_ in granturismo

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Heads up, that you can experience that sort of on the online manufacturers and nations cup. Practice all week. Then live quali and race

Aurora about her drummer by Mumakilla in auroramusic

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I don’t know how anyone can’t see this man is so clearly innocent.

Why would she hire and stand up for a Nazi? If the accusation weren’t so harmful it would be laughable.

Help an aspiring producer! by Successful_Future_85 in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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I recently got this new boom, it covers a broad range from an actual home studio to in the computer only studios, but really cuts through the crap on understanding stuff. Especially mixing.

Only thing I would say is that I think it’s quite tailored towards real instrument music and recording techniques

Would this overtake be ok if I hit the Apex instead of ghosting through the guy by _-blank-__ in Simracingstewards

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I think he ghosted because he's on pause. The double flashing indicator lights usually mean on GT7 that the other car is being controlled by AI because the player hit pause.

What's your view on the current state of Sport mode? by -bLiNdPT- in granturismo

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I personally cannot go back to single player after racing online. It’s tension. It’s decision making. It’s risk and knowing there’s an actual brain in the other car.

But the penalty system is massively flawed. It used to be too harsh, but now it’s like it barely exists. People can get away with anything.

But I still come back because in the B/S races I find generally people are very respectful except for the odd hot head

My gf said it was a racing incident..? by LocoRocoo in Simracingstewards

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Thanks. I was actually the purple car. Funny thing is, I really was trying to give room but.. sometimes we run out of talent and turn in too early. Also why I gave up even bothering to make the second turn.

These 4 lap races kinda urge you to make these riskier moves that on a longer race I'd probably have broke earlier for.