First flight by foit_profox in diabetes_t1

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Flying isn’t bad. Nowadays the TSA is fully aware of what diabetes is so you just tell them you have a pump on and they know what to do. Pro tip is make sure to bring solid sugar with you through security. Like glucose tabs, or personal favorite skittles. They’ll confíscate juice

Also have all your diabetes supplies with you (don’t check them!) in a single bag. It’ll just make it easier going through security.

Riverdog ticket prices by 404_not-found_ in Charleston

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Ahh - yup that must’ve been it. Don’t know how I didn’t realize that!!

50V measured on wire even when disconnected at both ends by 404_not-found_ in DIY

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I did validate the wires were what I thought and disconnected on both ends. I could see it in the attic and down through the wall. “Shake test” confirmed nothing crazy going on for what wire was going where. Based on still getting 50V even when nothings tied in made conclusion it was induced.

If a cure were to come out for T1D, when would that realistically happen? by Extreme-Side-1532 in diabetes_t1

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This is a perfect example of the Stockdale Paradox. You have to keep an unwavering faith but don’t set a date or deadline…you’ll drive yourself mad!

Gotta love an anchor bolt getting run over. WWYD by fayettevillainjd in civilengineering

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Core/chip out top concrete and add mechanical splice to replace projecting rebar

Does anyone else like the concept of engineering but heat the actual engineering business? by reh102 in civilengineering

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Consulting kills creativity which can take the fun out of it. I’ve talked to other folks in the industry about just this and the way someone put it one time is “any business is in the business of making money.” I don’t know why but that helped me keep things in perspective and focus on the things I do like and just let everything else go

Best Dealerships in Charleston? by themisszoella in Charleston

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I’ve had a really good experience with Crews Subaru. Bought two cars through them and never felt pressured or like it was getting the car salesman runaround. I’ve just done my research/prep on the front end and told them what I was looking for and my expectations and they were always really easy to work with

Parking around Francis Marion Hotel. by pigdestroyer1 in Charleston

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You can park at Charleston Water Systems office for free outside of normal business hours. That’d be like a block away or so

How do you decide that you're too low to drive? by US_Dept_Of_Snark in diabetes_t1

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For me the hard stop is 55mg/dL (or if my CGM is showing me dropping really fast and I’m less than 80ish) because that’s what I’ve always understood to be the point where your brain will begin to have physiological symptoms. I have a CGM and will watch super close if I’m in the 70s but if I’m flat I know I’ll be okay

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in diabetes_t1

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That happens to me when my Dexcom’s arrow goes away. It’ll still show the CGM value but won’t let you use it for treatment

Is it weird that I only feel lows at 2,8 mmol/ 50mg. When do you lot feel a hypo? by Tariqnp in diabetes_t1

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Sounds like you’re having too many lows. A “hypo” is technically anything under 70 mg/dL. That’s where is start to feel it, but your body will grow accustomed to the ranges it sees on a day to day basis. So if you’re always around 70 then your body won’t realize it until you go lower. Once you get to 55 that’s when the typical body will start to have side physical effects from the low (vision, reaction time, etc…similar to being tipsy/drunk)

Hey Folks! Have you guys tried fasting? If so, what are your opinions? by DisastrousBit9861 in diabetes_t1

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It’s different scenarios depending on whether you’re on a pump or MDI. For pumps it’s easy. If your basal is right your BGs should just be a flat line all day. That’s how I will check my basal patterns for changes about every month or so

Best way to get hit downtown by uvagirl1995 in Charleston

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So…does anyone know the story of how they got there? I feel like somebody’s gotta know somebody who knows the person who did this

Going to Charleston in 2 weeks, can someone critique my restaurant choices? by ddmonkey15 in Charleston

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If you want another place for drinks 0 George has a good bar you can go to. Others:

Leon’s for lunch/dinner Butcher & Bee for lunch/dinner Edmonds Oast for dinner Daps for breakfast is to die for Chez Nous is a must (if you can get a reservation) FIG (if you can get a reservation)