Florida Gov. DeSantis opens CPAC slamming 'failed Republican establishment of yesteryear' by Foubar_ghost in Conservative

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I want him as president for sure! Maybe Trump VP or Trump Florida governor ? Hmmmm

An open letter to Hilaria from an immigrant by demi509 in HilariaBaldwin

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She’s wasting her and their lives on a phone instagramming it’s sad

When Alex started to discover who he was rilly rilly married to..... by Zealousideal-Ear-913 in HilariaBaldwin

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Omg Beth stern and Howard has something similar- many of them blind items. He’s been in a gay long term relationship for years with his “stylist” lol a 19 year old that was pumping gas. Ralph was a kid turned makeup guy then set design then hair then stylist for years. He is Part of what Broke up his first wife’s marriage......... condoms on set of movie- for them..........

She’s going 100 miles an hour on the IG train. by chanpie in HilariaBaldwin

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She’s in a total tail spin scraping for narcissist supply and mania. This is pathetic

Florida's Handling of Covid Is a Big Problem for Democrats by DraconianDebate in Conservative

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Finally NYT makes sense my opinion

The Covid Emergency Must End By: Ross Douthat

​An unexpected opinion from The New York Times brought a refreshing, logical perspective to the unending negative reporting regarding the covid-19 emergency pandemic thanks to writer Ross Douthat. The author stamps much needed positivity in his opinion piece titled The Covid Emergency Must End, gleaning a glimmer of hope to covid-19 exhausted readers. Hope has been a flickering candle at best since the raucous “transfer,” of power on January 6th 2021 for the American people, and Douthat’s article is a staunch advocacy for scientific truth. His article jolts much needed positive candor that the American public should digest. ​According to John Hopkins professor Dr. Martin Makary: ​The US's daily coronavirus cases have declined 65% in the last month — a record drop in the course of the nation's outbreak. New cases reached an all-time high of 312,000 on January 8. Since then, they've fallen to a weekly average of around 73,000 per day.Dr. Martin Makary, a professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, suggested in The Wall Street Journal that the most likely explanation for the decline is that the US could be close to reaching herd immunity. Makary predicted that COVID-19 would be "mostly gone" by April. ​Yet in The New York Times, author Ross Douthat lays out the ever changing prospects of normalcy from President Biden and Dr. Fauci discussing the new assertion of life beginning again possibly in Christmas of 2021 despite many other medical professionals claiming otherwise based on data, and trajectory of the steady decline of positivity rates, and hospitalizations: Christmas of 2021: According to both President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci, together the two most prominent voices on public health in America right now, that’s when we can hope for a return to normalcy, the beginning of life after the emergency. The lacking empathetic voice in Trump’s leadership thrust a lonely vapid dagger during this unprecedented global pandemic. When American’s lost loved ones the voice of compassion was nil, and shockingly disheartening. During times of crisis, our leaders should present not only strength but tenderness. The enveloping arms of leaders during tragedy were crossed and hardened. President Biden provided the emotionally starved public with benevolence. Biden’s life experiences breed empathy, giving Americans a much-needed shoulder to cry on. He provided the open armed national hug we severely needed. Yet the significance of Biden’s ability to read the emotional barometer of Americans is no longer all we need now. We need a much-needed hand up and push forward to ending lockdowns and normalcy based on data and science. The author continues to explain the reasoning of the Biden administration including Fauci’s preface of doom and gloom due to possible variants of the virus entering the United States and becoming problematic. According to The Providence Journal, pandemic expert Dr. Ashish Jha states along with other experts: On another matter, Jha said he supports the FDA’s decision Monday to not require vaccine manufacturers to run time-consuming clinical trials for new products that will be effective against the many coronavirus variants that have emerged in the U.S. and world. That means developers will in essence be able to more quickly tweak existing vaccines, much as they do yearly with flu vaccines. (G. Wayne Miller The Providence Journal)

​The author’s tone in the article does not breathe the science denying tenacity of early shamers when much was unknown about covid-19, rather takes the proven information regarding data and the honest consideration regarding damage of societal lockdown including schools, businesses, and the elderly in nursing homes. While learning about a new virus during this pandemic it seems we have become allergic to realizing adaptation is acceptable. Somehow because of acrimonious politics, new positive reported data does not seem to properly factor into societal decision making for this current administration. The author profoundly states: The damage to the economy and mental health from closures and restrictions outweighs the threat of the disease itself, skeptics have insisted. Well, maybe in certain cases, like elementary school closures — but in general a disease that has killed at least 500,000 Americans more than justified a robust attempt to stop its spread. However: Once the old and vulnerable are genuinely protected, the death toll drops, and vaccines are generally available, the toll that emergency measures take on just about everyone — business owners, college kids, churches, parents, school-age children, the lonely and the old — really will become worse than whatever coronavirus threat remains. ​This statement is ingested with an already heavy heart, tangled mind, and overwhelmed self. It reads true, and logical. It procures a nod of my head and a breathless lonely exasperated “yes, yes, yes,” in my room. There has never been a time when science has completely skewed to the favor of lobbyists, teachers unions, and political donors in recent memory regarding aspects of public health including teen suicide, adult suicide, and mental health among other categories. According to Robert Preidt HealthDay reporter: WEDNESDAY, Feb. 10, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- Among the many dangers the coronavirus pandemic has brought, parents really need to be on the lookout for one in particular: an increased risk of suicide among vulnerable teens."We've seen an upsurge in really bad suicide attempts," and the pandemic is likely behind that increase, said Dr. Taranjeet Jolly, an adult and pediatric psychiatrist at Penn State Health's Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. We need to take heed of The New York Time’s opinion piece not only in the name of science but in the name of humanity. Ross Douthat’s words echo reason, logic, and scientific consensus of heterodox thinking among humane intelligent American’s. The scientific method is a method of procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses. Yet during this experience a year in we have deterred the tried-and-true method through shame, bullying, and politics. The reverberation of the article’s during an ever-changing pandemic begs the question, when will science and humanity prevail? The future implications of this ongoing pandemic are unknown and based on many factors. How the vaccine develops, how government and citizens will respond, and how covid-19 itself will evolve. Ross Douthat gave us the hope that the world is begging for. He verbally carves a pathway for Americans paved with much needed strength and resilience to push through and conquer this global pandemic.

At it again learning nothing by Few-Brilliant-426 in HilariaBaldwin

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If I ever woke up at five am with my baby girl in 2012 I wasn’t taking a single picture selfie lol you bet you bottom dollar those things are the moments you hold to your memories for life times.

At it again learning nothing by Few-Brilliant-426 in HilariaBaldwin

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I would have my daughters father on his own film me for funny infant times like how she hated the bumbo and it was funny- but loved me bouncing on a ball: there was never this type of weirdly self focused photo where your baby feels like a toilet paper dragged on your shoe you didn’t realize

At it again learning nothing by Few-Brilliant-426 in HilariaBaldwin

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I never took a selfie In the beginning because I was so focused on her! I wanted every moment of her. If I did did they were far and few between. And Much older when she could hold up her own head or talk? Not looking at her baby In this is beyond bizarre scary mentally ill

Just Alec spending some quality time with Ireland...introducing his new daughter-like girlfriend. Barf. by LilPeanutt in HilariaBaldwin

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She cried at the wedding. This all seemed abrupt and fake. I can’t imagine having such fake mentally fucked contractual woman as your step mom and then 5 kids and a fake life. A lie. How awful. Even if Hillary could try to level with Ireland bc she cares about her half siblings or dad - it just seems brutal to influx The grift when she was a young teen to help this grift permeate and grow.

Just Alec spending some quality time with Ireland...introducing his new daughter-like girlfriend. Barf. by LilPeanutt in HilariaBaldwin

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This doesn’t breed security this is a power play of a grifter putting her mark on an already abused child from a bad divorce weird childhood. She is a thoughtless attention whore.

Just Alec spending some quality time with Ireland...introducing his new daughter-like girlfriend. Barf. by LilPeanutt in HilariaBaldwin

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My daughters step mom and I are so close. We feel we are one family and love one another so much. I feel she is the best spouse to my daughters father who I love as family, And most important mother for my daughter and her son. She knows I’m a wonderful mom and spouse to mine. We socialize we talk regularly we live 5 minutes away. We are each other’s family no matter what. We both as wonderful mothers and spouses would never 👎 see a picture of my daughter or her son like this or attention whoring chaos as We mutually mock this. like when ever would this be okay?It’s weird and forceful. Hillary is clearly an attention whore.