newbie rant about how bass is "an instrument that cant be heard" by imranthehanafi in Bass

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Don't turn it up, turn it to zero. If no one notices, find a new band.

Two basses, one amp. Is there a pedal to connect both? by lincoln_imps in Bass

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A small mixer would do the trick and give some eq adjustment as a bonus.

Rant. Agonizing. Do I quit this band. by PastChair3394 in musicians

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Take your acoustic and a mic out into the world and make music. Less pressure, less drama. Maybe bring a bassist along sometimes. Surely there's one around somewhere. 😉

Cast in a play this fall, never acted before, any specific suggestions of how to best memorize a 90-page script? by tutonme in Theatre

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Especially if there is a long speech I find speed reciting the lines helps. Learn them the best you can then turn away from the script and say them as fast as you can. You'll notice when it's wrong. Goback tto the script and correct yourself. Repeat.

I used to recite like this while I was walking my dog (once i could do it without looking. Recite, that is. I always looked when i was walking tbe dog.) . The neighbors probably thought I was crazy. But it becomes muscle memory. However, it's not hard to slow down when it's time to perform.

Sorry this is a little disjointed. No time to edit.

Follow the drummer or the guitarist? by Data2338 in Bass

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Everyone practice with a clck. Play it over the system in rehearsal sometimes. Record rehearsals a d gigs. Make note of the starting and ending tempos. Everyone listen to the recordings together.

As the bassist, try to pull him back. Make eye contact. Use words, "don't rush!"

Is the drummer aware that he's rushing?

Band Woes by Count2Zero in Bass

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Eventually Bob will not be sober/clean when you most need him to be. I would need to see him that way for a long time before playing with him again.

Is it ever OK to play a gig for free? by rohanhs568 in musicians

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Reasons not to take you seriously:

  1. In one comment, you define a term. In the very next comment, after being given some examples of why your definition is defective, you declare that term meaningless. This contradiction gives the impression that you don't know as much about the subject as you think you do.

  2. You put words in my mouth. I never said that it would take $2500 for me to consider playing a gig.I'd be happy to gather my gear and go play at a local coffee house for a $100 for a couple of hours.I play musicals for the local community theater for very little pay considering the amount of work. But I want them to succeed, and I think I can help them with that. Most of the people there don't get paid at all.I appreciate their willingness to provide even a token of recognition of my abilities.

The key here is if someone is making money off of my performance, they should be paying me some of that money.

I also didn't say I thought every gig should be a union gig. If you'll read my comment, you'll see that I said exactly the opposite. (End of point 2)

Having said that, I think the anti collective bargaining philosophy has a lot to do with the fact that the 2020s seem a lot more like the 1920s than the 1950s.

To the OP, sorry to hijack your thread.

Edit: punctuation

Is it ever OK to play a gig for free? by rohanhs568 in musicians

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So the people who play on cruise ships aren't professional musicians? The guys who get called when a show is coming through town aren't professional musicians? Orchestra players? Military bandsmen? Playing at a level where you could make a living playing (even if you don't) makes you a professional. Nobody comes to hear any of the individuals I listed, but the show the audience paid for wouldn't happen without them.

I don't think every bar or coffee house gig should be a union gig. But musicians should have the union mentality.

Is it ever OK to play a gig for free? by rohanhs568 in musicians

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So if I go to your boss (at your day job) and say I'll work for free because it's fun, you're OK with that? You don't think it will affect you at your next pay/promotion discussion? You know, I might not be as good at it as you (whatever it is) but I can get by well enough to keep the boss happy and make the stockholders some money. How much do you suppose they will be willing to pay the next guy they hire? As much as they have been paying? Probably not.

Bands/albums/songs that use fretless bass that aren’t entirely bass-focused? by lkdguitar in Bass

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I just scrolled through the entire conversation and this is the first time Jaco is mentioned! (There was a call out to Weather Report.)

Maybe it's just too obvious.

Is it ever OK to play a gig for free? by rohanhs568 in musicians

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The problem there is that many business owners aren't as concerned about good as they are cheap. They'll take the hack who will play for a ham sandwich over the actual musician who asks for money and still put "live music" on the sign.

I just got offered to play Guitar in a church. Should I take it? by ferventmellow in musicians

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Pro musicians play gigs at churches all the time. Catholic this week,, Baptist next.. It's a gig.

Does the friend who asked you know your feelings about religion? If so, he or she has answered your question from the church's point of view.

How much would you expect to be paid for an hour at any other gig?

Gospel music can be a lot of fun to play.

Had a rough gig tonight. by Water_Buffalo- in musicians

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Play for the people that are there. Not for the ones that aren't.

How do you get better at counting while playing? by StevenMal in askmusicians

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Practice. When you first started reading words you sounded out each letter. Eventually you started seeing words then whole sentences. The same will happen with music.

Also, when you practice counting, play your instrument (don't change notes, just play the rhythm). If you play a wind instrument just count in your head.

Ever witnessed a blunder during a live Broadway show? by Ok_Ad8609 in Broadway

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I saw Kevin Spacey tell a story on David Letterman that he didn't just forget his lines but couldn't think of what show he was in. Completely blanked. The only other person on stage was a boy who kept trying to cue him back to what he was supposed to say.

Where does beer go on stage? by midwestmamasboy in Bass

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Except it was his fault. Don't put liquid on electronics. Especially someone else's. That said, OP did the right thing to make it right.

Moving for the parks by CelticDK in UniversalOrlando

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Then you have to live in Florida. That's a consideration.

My Catholic School is doing Diary of Anne Frank; what should I do? by aikaterine0170 in Theatre

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A local community theater recently put on the show. They had a presentation by a local Jewish group regarding the Holocaust before the show. It might be worthwhile to consider something like this.

Bassists I could watch who put on a good show by dawngarda in Bass

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Do not let the showmanship impact the music.

My first tube amp, destroyed within a week of owning it by KickRocks1993 in GuitarAmps

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You let the magic blue smoke escape. Amp won't work without it.

Sight reading as a sax player by Legitimate_Feeling52 in musictheory

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A teacher once suggested assoon as you start playing a measure, shift your eyes to the next measure. You are memorizing a measure ahead while playing the current measure (from memory). You may have to start with half measures and work up. My teacher would have a piece of paper and cover up the current measure as soon as I started playing it.

Question about securing shade sails (2nd try at post) by GeekX2 in landscaping

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Yes. Shade cloth.

I'm thinking concrete filled galvanized fence posts.