Ever watch a movie or show and realize, “oh that actor must be a nepo-baby”? by MsLippy in popculturechat

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Louisa Jacobson, one of the leads in “The Guilded Age,” says every line exactly the same. She is pretty bad. Oh, she is Meryl Streep’s daughter! That explains it. It also explains how she got into the Yale school of drama.

An article I wrote describing the need for pride month + telling our allies how to help during pride month. I welcome readers, feedback, + sending to ignorant people you know! by rebelraf in ainbow

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It is important to note the “butch lesbians,” transwomen, and drag queens of color, because they have been excluded from the general narrative that started as just “gay rights” after Stonewall. But, there were lots and lots of people in that uprising over the six days of fighting. It wasn’t just butch lesbians, trans women, and drag queens of color. It was all types of people. Historical photos abound of white men rioting and getting arrested too. Marsha P Johnson was notable for leading the charge, but you can promote equality without making a point to exclude who you want to exclude.

a small reminder as pride month is approaching, please try and support small lgbtq+ artists instead of big corporations profiting off of us💖 by tradstickydesign in ainbow

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I am a journalist—I get pitches for stories every day from huge multimillion dollar companies, asking for stories about their service to the LGBTQ community, just so they can get free publicity. Swear to God, last week I got a pitch from a PR person yo write a Pride story about Quikbooks. Because there are gay and trans people who use Quikbooks. I am not exaggerating this. Quikbooks wanted free publicity about queer people paying to use their product.

Corporate America will do anything to make money. Supporting the LGBTQ community is profitable, so they do it in June when it is trendy. They don’t actually care. Does Target run ad campaigns supporting, I don’t know, what other group of people are marginalized? Do they run month long ad campaigns for children in foster care? How about Jewish people who are being targeted by hate campaigns? Or Native American tribes who are having their lands and water systems destroyed? No. It isn’t sexy enough.

Stop buying this crap from big companies. Stop. Nobody benefits and it is just a vanity purchase for you when you do it. And especially with Target, and their Pride collection of tshirts featuring Drag Race contestants…they do not need your money. They have millions of dollars, literally. If you want a rainbow tshirt, go on Etsy or something and buy from a small artist who is just trying to make enough to survive. That is the LGBTQ community.

Ok rant done.

Heidi reveals her runway expenses for both of her seasons by KikiWannaKaiKaii in rupaulsdragrace

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In the first season when they were performing in a cardboard stage and their meals were Taco Bell at best, Ru was making $80,000 per episode. Now it is much more obvi. They have always had enough money to at least pay the queens for their costumes and makeup.

best luxury hotel & activities for older adults — wynn/encore vs. four seasons by [deleted] in LasVegas

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If I can offer another suggestion: go to brunch at the bellagio and get the garden table. It is a table in the flower gazebo. It is hilarious. Everyone walking by will take your photo and think that you are part of the exhibit. The food is fine, nothing spectacular, but the service is good and you get to drink lots of champagne. And the cheesecake is the best piece of cheesecake that I have ever had. This is a perfect mom gift.

Russian 'spy' whale surfaces in Sweden by sn0r in EUnews

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Fun fact: the US Navy also trained dolphins to be spies. They tried training octopus, which are equally as smart, but they have an unfortunately short life span so it didn’t work out.

I've had three terrible shifts in a row and this is me right now. by IndependenceHumble38 in nursing

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I haven’t been back to work in months. I just applied for a job with DHL in customer service. I can’t do it anymore.

As a therapist, I think Dr. Jake should be reported and disbarred by snacktastic1 in TedLasso

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The Dr Jake story is a problem for the show. It is so distracting and unbelievable. The writers didn’t have to make the therapist have a relationship with his ex wife, to get the message across that she has moved on and he is reacting poorly to the news.

kandy going back on her words 💀 by KitchenLoan6 in rupaulsdragrace

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Kandy Muse is more interested in providing good drama instead of providing good drag

I get the Nate arc now. by MattTheSmithers in TedLasso

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I like Nate’s character so it doesn’t occur to me to think about if he has earned forgiveness. People just deserve it in general. He didn’t do anything wrong other than act like a spoiled brat, which is not a big deal. So he chased after a career opportunity, good for him.

Obviously Ted is going to quit in the final episode and Nate will be offered a job to take his place.

Will by lvl5Loki in TedLasso

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His impression of a beard was hilarious. But the best character in Season 3 is Barbara. She is the best-written character and the actor plays her really well. Is she a friend? Is she a villain? In life people are usually a little of both.

Downtown San Francisco: Old Navy Flagship Store Closing by SFStandard in sanfrancisco

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Imagine Ross as a nightclub, and Home Goods as a restaurant that serves entrees from its food section. Everyone eating weird pasta and orange zest cookies.

Downtown San Francisco: Old Navy Flagship Store Closing by SFStandard in sanfrancisco

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But nothing is wrong with San Francisco! The most expensive rent in the US and also the biggest homeless population! Everything is great! Keep promoting tourism because San Francisco doesn’t have any crime and everything is awesome