the alcott by rubydaacherry in TheNational

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I don’t listen to Taylor at all apart from things that might be on in a bar or whatever.. I think it sounds great. Compliment each other nicely, some cool lyrics and doesn’t jar with me at all

National songs about New York? by Strong_Leadership799 in TheNational

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Best of the bunch here.. really sums it up as the weather gets a bit warmer this week

What helped you lose weight? by [deleted] in AskUK

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Calorie deficit. I lost two stone in 10 weeks.

I kept it very tight and essentially just had a banana for breakfast, soup and bread for lunch and then a decent dinner.

I basically did that Monday to Thursday and Friday - Sunday was a lot looser.

Small things like remove sugar from coffee, get a water instead of soft drink with a takeaway.

I also walked more but not a huge amount.

Edit: big thing is consistency too. Don’t expect results until maybe 3-4 weeks doing this. Once you see the pounds drop it’s severely motivating