I'm stupid :)))))) by [deleted] in arcadefire

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L + Ratio + Reflektor outsold

I’d love to hear anybody’s top track from each album. A reminder: it’s okay to love the popular songs. I suppose I should have composed mine first, but please go ahead and make my day by sending me yours, and I’ll get to work on mine by l4ura111 in mgmt

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Weekend Wars, Congratulations, Alien Days, When You Die, Forest Elf

Congratulations was a tough pick, as both the title track, Siberian Breaks, and Flash Delirium are amongst my favorite songs ever. 11.11.11 was also tough because I've never paid attention to the tracks before, just listened to the album start to finish lololol

My friends and I have been creating a series for a year now- this is the finale. Realizing we are struggling as a company, we created a remake of our first episode. by SaturnProductions in Filmmakers

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The name of the series is Socially Acceptable! It is improv based comedy in a mockumentary format.

The most important learning I got from this entire series was in terms of directing actors. We would often create scenarios with story outlines, but a lot of work was required to keep performances consistent and comedic. This was made even more so by the fact that essentially none of the main cast had acting experience. I personally found that briefing each actor about their character's scene goal and connecting their performance to a handful of actionable verbs was enough direction to get what I wanted without taking away the collaboration and improv-based comedy.

Any song recommendations what are you guys listening too? by 2001-_- in mgmt

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The Suburbs by Arcade Fire! I also saw Built to Spill live recently so I've been in a bit of a phase listening to Keep in Like a Secret

Any song recommendations what are you guys listening too? by 2001-_- in mgmt

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After listening to Congratulations and looking for more psychedelic rock I went back and explored the entire discography of the Beatles! Needless to say it is really good lmao

Any song recommendations what are you guys listening too? by 2001-_- in mgmt

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Every track is so good! I love the little voice crack towards the end of Party Police

bro what lmao by Prestigious-Pass3993 in mgmt

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GOATed era for Arcade Fire in my opinion lololol

What's the general consensus on We Don't Deserve Love? by HomeschoolersSuck in arcadefire

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Easily the best of EN and one of their best songs ever. The layers of instrumentation are incredible, particularly during and after the first chorus. The vocals and lyrics are both highlights, it sounds so passionate. I also love how in the final part of the bridge, Win jumps up an octave.

This time last year, Arcade Fire's 6th LP was about to be released across the globe... by the-boxman in arcadefire

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Solid album, but felt too safe for me. Everything Now takes some big risks and pays off huge on certain tracks (We Don't Deserve Love in particular), but also has some bad songs. WE has no bad songs and I enjoy listening to it in full, but I wish the same drive to experiment that was present on Reflektor was there. Excited for LP7 though

Current ranking: Reflektor, NB, Suburbs, Funeral, We, EN

Here they are by Glittering-Owl22 in arcadefire

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Great performance! Good setlist too, Rabbit Hole and Reflektor particularly sounded great.