What was r/boxoffice’s most overpredicted movie? by Pornflakes122 in boxoffice

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I still remember Pokémon: Detective Pikachu and the $1 billion predictions and even $1.5 billion. I'm even guilty of this although my prediction was $800 million worldwide.

What are some examples of movies with great ideas ruined by terrible execution that deserve to be remade ? by adrisyman in movies

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In Time. This is the world of the movie (from Wikipedia):

In 2169, people are genetically engineered to stop aging on their 25th birthday, when a one-year countdown on their forearm begins. When it reaches zero, the person "times out" and dies instantly. Time has thus become the universal currency, transferred directly between people or stored in "time capsules".

It's a brilliant premise but the movie itself is not. And that was surprising because I liked Andrew Niccol's work.


'A Quiet Place Part II' gets an A- on CinemaScore by SanderSo47 in boxoffice

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That's a very great score. That's an improvement over the original, which had a B+.

It's also one of the few horror movies to get an A- (other movies include The Conjuring and its sequel, Get Out, The Silence of the Lambs, etc.)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson to Play Spider-Man Villain Kraven the Hunter in Solo Movie by chanma50 in movies

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Jim Carrey (The Mask, The Riddler and Colonel Stars and Stripes) and Tommy Lee Jones (Two-Face, Agent K and Chester Phillips) also played 3 comic book characters.

There's also Doug Jones playing Abe Sapien and Silver Surfer. He also appeared in Mystery Men, Batman Returns and Men in Black II.