Benzema leaves Real Madrid after 14 years at club by Successful-Bee-2492 in sports

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Yeah he’s leaving for the money but fair play to the bloke. He’s won everything there is to win and has nothing left to prove. He is in the twilight of his career and nobody here can honestly say that at the age of 60, if they got offered that amount of money to do the same job that they currently do (easier really considering the opposition he will be playing against) that they wouldn’t take it. The Saudi league signing the current Ballon d'Or holder is quite a statement of intent. It will take him from being mega rich to having “fuck you” money.

Comunicado Oficial: Marco Asensio | Real Madrid CF by aes110 in soccer

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Yeah but you say “his age” like 27 isn’t the prime age for most players. It’s not like he’s 33 and after a final big contract from some none footballing nation.

Anyone else also have a first day release Xbox One that’s alive and kicking? by Spicy-Chelle in xboxone

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Still got it boxed away but my Labrador ate the day one controller when she was a puppy.

Kim Cattrall Scatting by The_Earl_of_Ormsby in cringe

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She sounds like my Sims 4 family arguing.

Succession - 4x10 "With Open Eyes" - Post Episode Discussion by LoretiTV in SuccessionTV

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I was waiting for something to flash by the window during the photos.

10 years ago today, West Bromwich Albion vs. Manchester United ended in a 5-5 draw during Sir Alex Ferguson's 1500th and final game as United manager by TheBiasedSportsLover in soccer

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Love a good last day of the season freak scoreline. This, Stoke 6-1 Liverpool, Middlesbrough 8-1 Man City. I’m sure there’s more examples.

PSA If you're recommending KvS to a friend don't start them with Imitate. by ThePoopHustler in kennyvsspenny

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Dead octopus on their head. Sets up the friend dynamic really well and the absurdity of the show perfectly.

It would be helpful if we could get a rough timeline for redfall 60 fps update. by [deleted] in XboxSeriesX

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The only reason I’m still playing is because I have OCD and can’t deal with my gamerscore not being a multiple of 5. I’m almost certain they put in odd number achievements to keep people like me playing.

Xbox Live UK Virgin Media Issue by [deleted] in XboxSeriesX

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Exact same as me. I’m going to message you.

Xbox Live UK Virgin Media Issue by [deleted] in XboxSeriesX

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How long have you had this issue?

Xbox Live UK Virgin Media Issue by [deleted] in XboxSeriesX

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Yeah it’s definitely not a wider issue as I have friends who live a few miles away who are fine. It seems to be localised to our fairly small estate.

How do you explain FM to someone who never played it? by Glum-Werewolf1742 in footballmanagergames

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And PSG are Team Rocket trying to steal your rare and high level Pokémon.

All Four Seasons Opening Credits by [deleted] in SuccessionTV

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The addition of a swimming pool for season 4 is ominous…

Anyone else a bit disappointed with Greg’s character progression this season so far? by [deleted] in SuccessionTV

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With Greg’s Grandfather giving all of Greg’s inheritance to charity, Logan giving Greg money as a “Fuck You” to his brother seems like something he would do.

She aint playin'.. by Wide_Abroad1182 in PublicFreakout

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I think a lot of people don’t know what the word public means.

Kenya launches first operational satellite into space by baequon in space

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First time I scrolled past this I read it as “Kanye” and didn’t even think twice.