CS2 delayed? by KiriyamaHD in GlobalOffensive

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Friendly lil tip: You do not need to create Reddit text post that links to a tweet that links to an article that links to a YouTube video.

You can just submit the video as a link :)

Thorin's summary of the blast major by juandevega in GlobalOffensive

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I think some of the things he said are reasonable, actually.

Others I cannot get behind or find too nit-picky. For example, I think the tech timeouts were quite sparse and bearable this major.

CS2 Inferno spotted at the Major by DeadyDeadshot in cs2

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We’ll likely hear some news right before or right after the grand final on Sunday.

The new Inferno looks sick!

“Violet Web” was found in the CS2 game files. This is how they could look like. by SKGamingReturn in cs2

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We are still missing a lot of patterns for the old knives, for example gamma doppler and doppler for the skeleton knife, etc.