What was one good thing about Coventry? by Embarrassed-Win2115 in phish

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It was my honeymoon (sadly, we are now divorced) I was 7 months pregnant with my only child (he is now 18!) and 8/15 was my 25th birthday. We had a handicap parking pass and rented an RV. It was definitely a rough as fuck trip but coulda been worse

What got you on the bus? - No Wrong Answers by JacketGR in jambands

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Went to Chicago’s then aptly named “Weedfest” at around 16 years old in the mid 90s. I was mesmerized by the community of old and young heads and the enormous drum circle! Next stop was jumping in some new friends’ van to travel down to the Ozarks for the rainbow gathering.

can i be in band if i’m a violinist? by No-Maintenance-2882 in Music

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Andrew Bird is an incredible violinist who is also a rock musician. Check him out-he plucks and strums it like a guitar at times and the sound is just gorgeous

Lookifn for similar music by ad320011 in arcadefire

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The Naked and Famous, Japandroids, Passion Pit and phoenix come to mind

What’s your favorite lyric from WE? I love the words and how he sings “I was tryin to run away/but a voice told me to stay/put the feeling in a song” by SunnnyJim in arcadefire

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Love all of the comments. Also the very first lyric of the album hits me “we’re in the age of doubt/and I doubt we’ll figure it out”

Dance Yrself Clean becomes the first of LCD’s songs to reach 100M plays on Spotify by Jamesiae72 in LCDSoundsystem

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I could see that. I have noticed that my favorite tracks by various artists are rarely in sync with what’s most played. Was this song in a movie I am not aware of? Or maybe it’s that late drop that is so appealing to a broader audience.

I was the title track WE was a couple of minutes longer... by the-boxman in arcadefire

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IMHO-There’s a longing for more which is a highly desirable quality of the final/title track of WE to me. Albums that come to mind that embody this concept? I think of Dark Side of the Moon’s ending and also Lana Del Rey’s final track on Norman Fucking Rockwell. They leave you wanting more…There’s a certain sweetness and longing feeling that is really compelling for me.

Tori fans in here? Feels like there would be crossover since they’re both such incredibly unique women artists. by SunnnyJim in lanadelrey

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I was soooo awkward as a tween— Little Earthquakes and under the pink were life changing for me