Found this in hair by Playful-Confection98 in bugidentification

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Ugh, that was a terrible thing. I was making mercy calls on an isolated old woman, and caught them from sitting on the couch she lived and slept on. The itching! It’s been 38 years, and I still remember it.

AITA for refusing to drive in the rain and causing my bf to miss his job interview ? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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He was the AH for expecting you to drive in the rain with crippling anxiety.

AITA for Not Allowing My Ex to Attend Our Child's Birthday Party? by Adventurous_Buyer911 in AmItheAsshole

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As the child in a scenario similar to this I can speak with confidence and actual experience that children do, indeed, notice when their parent brings new partners to special events. And if it’s the moms reaction that’s causing some of the discomfort, that’s still on the Dad, The invite was for him, he should have honored it. He does not need this party as an excuse to force this woman into his exes house.

AITA for telling my son he's not going on his senior class trip if he doesn't show up to his brothers graduation? by PrestigiousLion390 in AmItheAsshole

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These half siblings sound like pawns in a power struggle, and the language the father uses for his older son sounds downright hostile. Holding his senior trip, a rite of passage, hostage unless he makes the time at a very very busy time in a graduating senior’s schedule for his little brothers’ events is making a point that I think should be made at another time.

You can’t make your child forgive you, welcome your new spouse and new siblings and believe everything is great to the extent you deem necessary. Those are emotions and they are very complicated. Trying to force the issue by threatening to be an AH like this will definitely not help.

I speak from experience to say millions of older children from first marriages have stood by and watched younger half siblings have the life and father they never got. I don’t know if that’s what is happening here, but I’d be surprised if there isn’t some elements of it.

Charles Spencer eulogizing his sister, Princess Diana. He promises to look after her boys. by Glitter_Bee in HarryandMeghanNetflix

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In the end he was absolutely unable to protect Harry from the same pack of hounds who made his mothers life a misery. And when it started to destroy Meghan, Harry took courageous action. I so admire him.

AITA for Not Allowing My Ex to Attend Our Child's Birthday Party? by Adventurous_Buyer911 in AmItheAsshole

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I absolutely would have noticed at 8 in these circumstances if my dad had chosen to bring his girlfriend to my party. This would not be an adult everybody there already knew. She would have to be introduced repeatedly to the others there. The energy at the event would be different.

My parents divorced when I was 6. My dad ended up married 3 times. Children are not the happy little creatures living in bubbles unaware of the undercurrents being played out by the adults who make all the decisions affecting their lives.

Mom here is both being reasonable by inviting dad, and within her rights and has valid cause for saying no to girlfriend. Let this occasion actually BE about Lily, please.

Is this an appropriate gift for my sugar baby? by dialemformurder in BestofRedditorUpdates

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Right? And I noticed that the schoolteacher needed to pick up extra money on the side this way. What a screwed up world we live in.

Why did Prince William call his mother paranoid knowing what he did? The world will never know, but they will speculate. by Glitter_Bee in HarryandMeghanNetflix

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So so so true. That rankled so much when he said it. You are not paranoid if it’s actually happening. He demeaned and belittled his poor dead mother in order to keep his place in the tabloid scheme.

Prince Harry Takes a Stand for Us All: ‘If They’re Supposedly Policing Society, Who On Earth is Policing Them?’ – Byline Times by MonasDarling in HarryandMeghanNetflix

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What an excellent article. These words:

“It is difficult to see how Britain would be in the position it is in now – weakened politically and economically both at home and on the world stage – if a truly independent and accountable press had provided the necessary checks on power all healthy democracies need.”

Really stood out to me. I think it’s true of both the UK and here is the US. Lies and distortions, and even meddling from foreign hostile governments affect the results of elections. People believe what they read, because massive effort has gone into learning what different groups are triggered by, and the “right” message is targeted to them.

I think the only outcome of these trials will be Harry going on record with the truth and those paying attention recognizing it. Those unscrupulous entities wielding such kingmaking, earth destroying power will never relinquish it.

Can I just put some salt and lemon juice in my water bottle for electrolytes? by No_Contribution_7117 in Frugal

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I spent almost double that. But they have a money back guarantee, I might send them back, or just keep them for convenience when traveling or whatever. Also, the chocolate is delicious.

Can I just put some salt and lemon juice in my water bottle for electrolytes? by No_Contribution_7117 in Frugal

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I get what you’re saying, but some of us do find ourselves in situations where we need electrolyte help. I’m in my 60’s, and have been suffering with chronic migraine. I drink tons of water all day as my medications make my mouth dry. I also eat a whole food plant based diet.

A friend gave me a couple Liquid IV packets to try and frankly I ignored them for months, I get so tired of people and their health trends. But I was cleaning my purse one day and found the packets and decided to try it, and my headache improved.

Talking over with my son the conclusion we came to was that the constant water drinking was removing the minerals, and they did need replenished. I am still researching the best way to address that need. I’m leaning toward making my own recipe to add to water.

Harry Makes Court History: Prince Says ‘Piers Conspired to Hack Diana’ and he ‘Feared Stabbing Over Morgan Mirror Stories’ by Glitter_Bee in HarryandMeghanNetflix

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He’s refuting the idea that the taxpayer money entitled the press to be all up in his business and use his life from childhood on in order to make money.

Diana, Meghan and the tabloid press: Harry finally gets his day in court by Glitter_Bee in HarryandMeghanNetflix

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I’m so impressed by his courage and fortitude, but I’m not holding my breath that the judicial system will do the right thing. Maybe it will be enough to expose their behavior to the world.

#PrincessDiana & #BritishMedia Coverage Part 1 by Glitter_Bee in HarryandMeghanNetflix

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Wow, I have to admit when Harry said that what was happening with Meghan was the same as what happened with his mom, I did not understand the extent that it was true. No wonder the press is his arch nemesis.

Imagine if that had been your mom, then your life, your would-be life partners, and then finally your wife and next your kids. I’ve always wondered how he found the courage to get out of Dodge, but excellent pieces like these make it clear.

Two migraine preventatives? by JellyGlittering in migraine

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Amitriptyline 50 and Topomax 50 twice a day. It was helping a lot, then yesterday I was hit with a bad attack and today’s not great either. Hope this doesn’t mean“ they’rrrrrrrr baaaaaaaccckkk!!!”😭

When you’ve been coping in a dark room for days and finally get to reenter society. by Gaflinnigus_Flumming in migraine

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That feeling of missing life while it goes on without me is the most disconcerting to me.

AITA for not sleeping with my boyfriend as much as he wants? by CoconutEfficient7198 in TwoHotTakes

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Sounds to me that he just wants a bangmaid. Please, I speak from experience, read these comments, you are young, you deserve a true partner.

Flying pets to safety from overcrowded kill shelters by DarcyMistwood in OrphanCrushingMachine

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The rescue pit mix that a relative adopted in Washington state severely attacked our hound when they visited. That pit is a one man dog. From Texas.