IM DREAMING by rubydaacherry in TheNational

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if the band is looking at this imma need geese in philly and the garden

Could be an Alex lyric by NotAnotherChrisJ in arcticmonkeys

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this is clever and not getting enough recognition

About 50 hours of work went into this one by emaarte in painting

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is this just oil paint? well done my friend, this is stunning

Matt Berninger on Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’- Interview From the New Book ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere’ by bitternmanger in TheNational

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wow, just saw this post and today i listened to the national's cover of "mansion on the hill" and as a massive springsteen fan as well, i then proceeded to listen to the entirety of nebraska

dislike for I am easy to find by cheeseguy412 in TheNational

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Finally someone said it! I think it's a masterpiece, and the film they did to go along with it is brilliant as well.

Once Upon A Poolside is one of the best songs ever created by MKFlame7 in TheNational

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i need a whole album of national ft. sufjan, or sufjan ft. the national, bring it on NOW

Do anyone knows this song?? by juliabkts in AltJ

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one of my underrated favorites !!

Aurora In Hackettstown 4/23 by alpha1beta in newjersey

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what time should we keep an eye out tonight?

What Album from the Last 10 Years do I Need to Listen to? by Zasz1010 in Music

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an awesome wave by alt-j, 10 year anniversary of the album this year

also recommend carrie & lowell by sufjan stevens

I guess Harvard is paying these new crossing guards? by developing-critique in CambridgeMA

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i love this random fun fact about cambridge, turkeys everywhere, all the time

Is the red line now the worst? by mayor_timber in CambridgeMA

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the green line cars are also always covered in something sticky

Our turkey overlords can apparently perch on power lines by Tigerman97 in CambridgeMA

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My favorite thing in Cambridge was seeing the turkeys and watching the reactions of people who don't know that ~they just do that~

What should I do with a half hour lunch break on the weekends near Harvard station...that won't burn a hole in my wallet by BostonSubwaySlut in CambridgeMA

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wholesome fresh is a great place to have hot/ salad bar food that is actually pretty quality, then just go sit outside and people watch, when the weather is nice different people will play music or something right outside of the station

Resellers suck by ineedanotherr in AltJ

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This is some fuck shit, really disappointing

Music About Space by canolli in Music

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Astronaut by Margot and the Nuclear So and So's

Jersey Privilege: Concerts by wav_24 in newjersey

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it just means we're privileged to live in such a fucking awesome state!

8 Bruce tracks you would take with you to a desert island by mattjpm in BruceSpringsteen

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Racing in the Street


Incident on 57th Street

Thunder Road

Atlantic City

The Rising

Radio Nowhere (because deserted island duh)

Independence Day

Tenth Avenue Freeze Out - live in New York City by justgoodvibesonly in BruceSpringsteen

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I was there in the pit and nearly missed a high five from him when he was walking along the side back to the stage, in some videos you can see the man who ran in and sniped the high five from me lol. It was fucking epic.

Question about Pit First Timer by allmotionisrelative in BruceSpringsteen

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I was in pit at MSG in NYC, apparently you could get your pit wristband earlier in the day to skip the line, but there was only a limited number they were giving out early. We didn't get our bands early, we just got to the venue entrance about 45-30 minutes before doors opened. It was a little confusing at first to find out where they were giving out the wristbands, but we found it quickly and basically just walked right up to a table with no line, showed our GA tickets, got the pit wristbands, and walked in. All you had to do was show your wristband to the security standing at the pit, then we literally walked right up to the rail. I don't wear headphones at most concerts, so I was fine anyways, but I was actually surprised that the volume didn't feel overbearing even right at the stage, it was perfect! Highly recommend this experience if you have the means for it, best show of my life and the energy down there is incredible.