Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 08

The weekend flashed by in a blur, and Trisha and Britney spent every minute possible together. For some reason, when Trisha wasn't around her other friends, all the things about Britney that she disapproved of didn't matter anymore. Sure...she's a little over the top...but really, she's just comfortable with who she is. It was amazing how at ease Trisha felt around the head cheerleader. And yet, when Monday came, she felt more uneasy than ever. What will my friends think if I tell them I spent the weekend with Britney? Should I keep it a secret? What will Britney think if I do?

"Hey, Trisha." It was just before the last class of the day, and Mandy was running to catch up to her in the hall. "I called you on Saturday night. Where were you?"

"Oh..." The cheerleader did her best to give a casual shrug. "Sorry, Mandy, I was busy."

"Oh. That's okay. Hey, what do you..."


The two girls turned around. Britney was walking straight towards them, her long, curly blonde hair draped down her shoulders and her back. Her high-heeled boots were laced up to the knee, framing her long, slender legs. The head cheerleader's tank-top had once been a normal blouse, but Britney had modified it, cutting a slit near the top so that her tits popped out, halfway visible, dancing in her bra as she strode towards them. Her ass was barely covered by a tight, red miniskirt.

Trisha could already feel Mandy's disposition grow cold and her expression turn icy as the head cheerleader approached them. All her friends were good girls, and they were so disapproving of Britney. Oh no...She took a deep breath.

"Hey, Trish...I wanted to show you something this afternoon. It's a really great store, downtown. You interested?"

As soon as Britney spoke, Mandy turned to face Trisha, looking both confused and a little hurt. Trisha shifted uneasily on her feet. I want to say yes, but...Mandy would disapprove of me. In her head, she chided herself for being so concerned with everyone's opinions. Why do I have to care so much what all my friends think? If I want to be friends with Britney, then I'll do it! She braced herself, then smiled up at the head cheerleader.

"Sure, Britney. I'll see you after school."

Mandy's face changed immediately; her jaw dropped, and she stared at Trisha in shock. The head cheerleader smiled slightly and nodded. "Okay...see you after school." She walked up, leaving Trisha and Mandy standing alone in the hall in silence.

Trisha timidly turned to face her friend, wincing at the shock still etched in Mandy's face. Finally, her friend spoke. "''re friends with Britney?" She couldn't seem to will herself to say it.

Trisha stared glumly at her feet. She hated Mandy's disapproval, but she also hated the thought of trying to hide her friendship with the head cheerleader. "U-um...well...I guess so..."

"When did that happen?" Now Mandy was starting to sound a little angry.

" just..."


It was the school bell. Trisha was both relieved and unhappy that it rang; on the one hand, it had saved her from explaining everything to Mandy. On the other hand, now she had to leave her friend standing in the hall, looking shocked, confused, and hurt.

"I...I'm sorry, Mandy! I'll call you tonight!" she said over her shoulder, hurrying away to her class.

As soon as she reached her classroom, she picked a desk in the back and flopped into it, her feet dangling off the chair. The petite cheerleader slowly arranged her lacy white skirt on her legs; she didn't usually wear miniskirts, but her weekend with Britney had made her a little braver. It wasn't quite the skin-tight minis that Britney wore, but it was short and cute, made of lacy white frills that stopped near the tops of her thighs. The blouse she wore was brave for her too; the V-neck plunged lower than she normally wore, revealing just a teasing peak of her 32C breasts, perky and ample in contrast to her slight, slender frame.

She couldn't lie to herself either; as she had examined her outfit that morning in the mirror, she couldn't help but admire her reflection; her miniskirt showing off her bare legs, her blouse accentuating the curves of her firm chest and her tiny waist. This is what I like about hanging out with Britney...the way it makes me feel! If only I could make Mandy understand that... Trisha slunk down in her chair and wondered where Britney was taking her today.


Less than half an hour after the final bell rang, Britney's car was pulling up to a dingy old store, tucked in the corner of a strip mall. Trisha was in the passenger seat, still a little glum.

"So I guess your friend Mandy doesn't like me very much, huh?"

"Oh..." Trisha blushed a little bit. "'s not that she doesn't like's just..."

Britney cut her off. "Don't worry, Trish. Trust me, I'm used to girls not liking me. Comes with the territory, ya know?" She grinned as she got out of the car, and Trisha did the same.

"Yeah...okay. Still...I'm sorry."

"Like I said, don't worry. Cute skirt, by the way." Britney smirked as she watched the petite cheerleader carefully tug it down, making sure it covered her ass.

"Thanks. So...what is this place?"

"Well," a sly grin crept across the head cheerleader's face. "You were telling me over the weekend that you were thinking maybe I was you maybe really were a slut. And you wanted to explore it a little more?"

"Um...I guess..." Trisha shifted a bit on her feet. She still had a little trouble hearing the word "slut" applied to her; she couldn't admit it outright the way Britney could.

"So I thought maybe I'd help you a little bit."

The cheerleader glanced up at Britney's words. Uh oh. The grin on Britney's face was starting to worry Trisha. What's she going to make me do? She laughed nervously. "Umm...Britney...what's going on...?"

"Relax, hun. You'll see." The head cheerleader swung open

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Written by hiddendesire_
Uploaded July 9, 2020
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