I Kissed A Girl-erotic excerpt from The CockTail Party (A Cock & Tail Sex Party of Swingers)#2 Bestselling Erotic Romance Series, Soulmates-Sexiness and Secrets

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The drums start to beat again, and this time the song continues to play. It’s Katy Perry, "I Kissed A Girl."

Bella grins, but Mandy’s eyes grow big and her mouth opens, then shuts without saying anything.

I ignore Mandy and ask Bella, "Do you have an issue kissing a girl?"

Before she can respond, all the men shout at once. "Fuck yeah! Go, Baby, Go!"

"Looks like this is going to happen. Can you do it?"
She nods as her eyes twinkle at me. But Mandy's blue eyes are big as saucers.
"Mandy, don’t tell me you are shy about kissing a girl?"

She blushes and nods her head.

"Oh my goodness. Karma won’t be denied, Hun. You’re gonna have to suck it up, buttercup."

She grins at that, but still doesn’t look confident.

I take the crop and put it against her cheek and turn her face to mine.
"Hmm." I study her face. "I have an idea. Do you trust me?"

She nods and says, "Fuck me, Madam."

"Excellent answer. Lean your head back, put your palms over your eyes, and relax. Now, no peeking."

I motion to the others for complete silence.

She leans her head back, puts her palms to her eyes and takes a deep breath.

I rub her nipples with the crop, then I lean in close and whisper in her ear. "TD's going to get you warmed up first, is that ok?"

She smiles and nods.

I look at Bella and point to Mandy's tits.

TD shifts his position so he can see better.

Bella steps forward, opens her mouth into a pucker, places her lips on Mandy's nipple and tickles her tips.

Mandy sucks in air sharply, causing her chest to expand.

Bella proceeds to show the whole room how hot lesbian love is. Her mouth and tongue work their magic on both tits. Swapping and taking turns until the tips of her nipples are hard and long from the puckering, licking, flicking, sucking, rolling, and teasing. Bella goes nonstop, making Mandy pant from the passionate playing.

Before long, Mandy is biting her lip, but Bella keeps the press on. Then Mandy twists her head and tries to retreat. Bella followers her and is relentless in her exquisite titty torture.

When Mandy tries to retreat again, I smack her ass hard with the crop.

She stiffens and locks her legs. "Ohhhhh."

Bella sucks a full nipple into her mouth, then slides her hand down and flicks her fingers over Mandy’s clit.

Mandy jerks with the jolt.

Bella rolls her tongue around and around the hypersensitive tip of her nipple, while she massages Mandy’s pussy. Then she stops everything.

Mandy groans each word. "Please … don’t … stop!"

Bella steps back up, grabs her boobs, pushes them together and lays sloppy, wet, flat tongue licks across them.

Mandy throws her head back and forth. Her hair fans out around her. Her legs start to quiver. "Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop.”

She’s approaching orgasm.

Bella bites down gently, dragging her teeth from the base to the tip and at the end pinches it between them.

Mandy squeals and her knees buckle.

Bella drops one hand down and spanks Mandy’s pussy.

Mandy’s body jerks each time.

Bella moves to the other tit, and repeats biting down gently, then dragging her teeth from the base to the tip and pinching the end of the other nipple while she spanks Mandy’s pussy.

Mandy gives herself up to the pleasure. She gurgles a sexy as fuck moan that sounds like growling as she strains with her climax building.

Suddenly, Bella abruptly stops and takes a step back.

The only sound in the room is the sound of everyone’s heavy panting.

Mandy freezes, waiting, anticipating more. Arching her back, pushing her tits up, offering her body shamelessly. When her legs start to quiver, Bella puckers up, puts only her tight lips on the hard protruding tip and sucks it in hard, massaging it with her mouth.

Mandy moans.

Then Bella stops.

Mandy groans.

Bella pinches both hard tips and holds on. Flicking her thumbs across them. She drives Mandy wild!

Mandy's whole body starts to buck as she fucks air. She’s desperate to cum.

Then Bella lets go of her tits, cups her hands softly around Mandy’s face and stares into her surprised eyes. As she leans forward to kiss her, her hands slowly slide back down to play with Mandy’s tits.

Mandy hands reach for Bella’s face as her eyes close in surrender.

"Fuck yeah's" are heard softly around the room as the temperature reaches hot as hell.

Bella passionately kisses a willing Mandy, whose hands slide down to her own pussy and she strokes herself.

Bella releases the kiss, as she pushes Mandy’s tits together again, and takes turns sucking each nipple, driving her into another frenzy.

But this time, Mandy masturbates. Losing herself completely in the moment.

The guys softly chant encouragement.

When Mandy’s hips spasm uncontrollably as she cums, she breathes, "Fuck me … Fuck me … Fuck me … OH … Fuck me!"

Bella waits to release her until Mandy’s orgasm is completely finished, then she walks away to take her place in line again. She winks at TD when she walks by and he grins his approval.

Mandy stands lost in the afterglow for a few moments, then she opens her eyes and looks around.

I smile at her and she says, “Fuck me, Madam! That was fucking fantastic!"

She looks over at Bella. "Bella, that was incredible."

Bella gives her a satisfied head nod.

Then she shoots her arms up in the air in victory and shouts. "SEARY! Seriously! Everyone. Always. Remember. Yourself!"

I love my job!

I hook TD’s arm and walk him away. "Now, that's how you do it."

He smirks.

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Written by jessikaklideromance
Uploaded November 29, 2020
Notes I Kissed A Girl is an erotic excerpt from The CockTail Party (A Cock and Tail Sex Party of Swingers,) book two of a bestselling erotic romance series, Soulmates - Sexiness and Secrets by Jessika Klide. In The Cocktail Party, Siri Wright shocks the Swingers when she reveals she is a Vegas Stripper and founder of Fucking Fantasizes. This except chronicles Bella, a secret bisexual, who is given her fantasy of "Kissing" another swinger, Mandy's big tits. This book was voted the hottest in the series
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