Cliffside Fun by Siren Watcher (2016)

Sitting in a field, you hear the sea waves to your left. Casually breaking over the shoreline's rock pools below. The field sits atop a plateau that overlooks the sea. You lay back under a thick autumn tree. It's leaves drooping to shadow part of your body. The shade protecting you from the heat.

With your arms straight behind you, supporting you whilst you looked at me sitting atop your lap. Your legs outstretched on the grass behind me. With my eyes seductively looking down at you. Staring at your body. As if unsure of what to make of your taut figure. My knees digging into the grass, feeling the earth pump with absorbed warmth through the cool grass.

I grinned slyly, then began to slowly push on your chest. Forcefully, but playful. Nudging you to lay back, and get relaxed on the grass. Your arms relent. As you quickly decide it's in both our interests to go along with with the story for now...
Your heavy body hits the ground. Your shirt wrinkling underneath you... as the fabric meshes with the cool grass underneath your back.

As you take in a deep seaside air breath, you feel me move ever so slightly forward... towards your chest. Dragging my snatch up to perfectly be cushioned on the bulge in your shorts. I relaxed in excitement. Letting my pussy breathe warmth through onto your shaft. As the layers of fabric contorted against the throbbing dick.

You breathe out a mixture of a relaxed sigh and a heated moan. Closing your eyes slightly, stubbornly trying to maintain some composure... as you notice sweat starting to accrue on your forehead.

The heat of the hot day causing a few licks of sweat to run down the crevices between your abdominals. Trickling off the side of your body. To eventually fall to the grass below your pulsing stomach.

You look downwards, towards your crotch... as you felt me slightly tensing on your dick. Dragging my clit a tiny way forward and back along the bulge in your pants. Leaving them a little damp. You cringe in restraint. Your dick starts to throb... before it begins to drool slightly. Demanding to feel the moist warmth from the inside.

You smile, and move your legs up to a slight angle to support you. Pushing me forward, and dislodging me slightly from your crutch. I let out a grumbled moan, as I slid slightly along the shaft on top of your shorts. My snatch starting to grip the air, and tremble at being so close to your dick.

You grip the back of your shirt with both hands. Dragging it up your back and then over your head. It caught on your muscles from the front, as it drew upwards... my eyes started to dance, my body tensing noticeably. The sun slightly kissed your the left side of your skin, the sweat glistening in the light. The other half shadowed and cooled by the darkness of the tree.

I smiled as I noticed my breathe quickening.

Eyes closing slightly as you threw your shirt onto the trunk of the tree behind you.

Turning back just as you felt my lips and tongue touch your chest.

You groan, as you feel me push you back once again, onto the grass. My tongue pressing into your muscles. Dragging my lips, softly sucking, then pushing deeply with my tongue on your abdomen. My tongue sending currents through your body. As if sending little healing waves, under the skin. Drawing heat from your body, then breathing it back down and throughout your insides.

Pushing roughly with my lips onto your sides, my mouth starting to drool slightly from the skin contact with my soft mouth.

Wincing, you realise I am moving my snatch backwards again as I'm kissing your skin. The warmth again heating up your constricted sex. Pulsating on top of your pants. As I'm stimulating my clit with the fabric and the hardness of your dick. Arousing myself, as the wetness is now well seeping through the softness of my black satin underwear.

You start to lose your temper as you realise that I'm masturbating, whilst holding you down on the grass. Wanting to get even, you reach your hands up. Past where my head is bent, my lips still dragging on your chest. You grab hold of my black singlet and tug the sides roughly to the middle. You grin, as the centred fabric dislodges both my breasts to each side of it. Swinging down and slightly pressing on your skin as I continued to kiss your chest. You roughly grab them with your hands, kneading into the softness. Massaging them, and rubbing your thumbs along the nipples. Teasing them until they harden.

A smile breaking across my lips, as I felt your dick bolstering under my vagina. Seductively seeming to tear out from beneath your shorts. Softly moaning as I reached up to kiss your neck. Whilst you played with your new toys.

My lips reached up... meeting your lips as we savagely kissed, one deep lingering time. As if kissing was a marker for how intense the sex could be... Before i lifted my lips off and started to move my knees back, slowly on the grass. The dirt staining my knees, as I began to go down your body... kissing each part of the chest. Much quicker than how I went up, as you realise what’s awaiting your dick. Though, still wanting to kiss the tautness of your chest a few last times, as if it might be a dream. Dragging my tongue down your body. As I drag my breasts along after my tongue, making you release them. As the nipples stag pressing into your muscles as they glide along you.

Trying to concentrate, you realise you should remove your pants. Saying something as you removed them to me. I ignored you, as I push my knees up from outside your hips, onto the spot between your thighs. Pushing further apart your legs with them, so that I could fit in-between them comfortably. Sitting like a little rabbit, my arse upward, as i dropped my mouth down on your dick. Massaging the thickness of the back end of the shaft with my tongue as it filled my mouth for the first time. You slumped back on the grass with a shocked moan.

Concentrating, I forgot you existed, and just focused on you

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Written by sirenwatcher
Uploaded July 13, 2020
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