Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 13

"Trish! Hey, Trisha! Wait up!"

Trisha turned around at the sound of the voice, and saw Britney hurrying towards her. The head cheerleader looked just as drop-dead gorgeous as always, her long legs stretching out from a denim miniskirt, her massive tits swaying in a lacy, low-cut tank top. But all Trisha could do was stare down at her feet in shame. I betrayed Britney…I went back and fucked Dan…after she asked me not to! She's never asked me to stay away from any other guy, except Dan, and…and I couldn't even do that.

The worst part was that it hadn't been just once, either. On Friday night, Trisha had shown up on his doorstep, in a little black minidress, so wildly horny that she had practically begged him to fuck her right there and then. The scene was so clear in her mind the next morning; Dan bending her over the balcony, pounding into her as she whimpered and wailed for all his neighbors to hear. The cheerleader had been so desperate for a good fucking that she hadn't bothered to take her dress or her high heels off – she hadn't even pulled her panties all the way down her legs, leaving them stuck around her bare thighs as she grinded her petite body against his hips.

Just one night, Trisha could have disregarded as a mistake; a momentary lapse of judgment. But the next day, he had sent her another text message. And the next day, another one. Both times, as soon as she flipped open her cell phone and saw his number, her legs went weak and her pussy grew wet. Just the thought of him was enough to turn her on; him, and his massive cock, pounding into her with such rough ferocity.

She still couldn't get over the shame of lying to Britney – after everything she'd done for Trisha, this was her reward? Each time, she had paced around her room for an hour, vowing to stay loyal to Britney, vowing to show some willpower and never see Dan again. But there was something about the lifeguard that Trisha just couldn't resist. Something about him just brings the inner slut out in me. I don't even know what it is. Maybe it's the way he just takes me…just grabs me and shoves me down without even asking…the way he pounds into me like we're just animals, like I'm just a nasty slut to be fucked… On Saturday, he had bent her over his sofa and stuffed her twat full, making her scream with joy at his deep, thick thrusts. On Sunday, he had pulled out at the last second and came in her mouth, stabbing his meat deep between her lips without asking, watching her slurp up her own pussy juices, grinning down at her as she gulped down his length and swallowed his seed.

Now, as she stood outside the girls' locker room, watching Britney walk towards her, all Trisha could feel was guilt. What's the matter with me?? How could I be such an awful friend?

"Hey hun, just wanted to say sorry about the party on Friday. That was my first party that's been busted, so I flipped out a bit. You okay?"

"Oh…don't worry about it, Brit," Trisha said, trying to offer her best smile. "It was no big deal. Was everything okay?"

"Yep." Britney tossed her long blonde hair and grinned. "I had to suck a couple cocks to keep everything quiet. But hey, it's part of being a good host, right?"

She winked, and Trisha had to laugh. Tell her! A voice rang out in her head. I have to tell her! She's my best friend!

"Something wrong, Trish?" Britney asked. "You look like something's on your mind."

"I…um…" Trisha stared back down at her feet. I didn't even want to go to her party in the first place…and if I hadn't gone, I wouldn't have gone to Dan's… But the cheerleader knew that was just an excuse. I have to tell her!

At that moment, Trisha heard footsteps behind her. It was Mandy, carrying her gym bag, smiling at the two of them. Her short blonde hair was pulled back in a hairband, framing her friend's dimpled cheeks and light blue eyes. "Hey Trish. Hi, Britney." Trisha knew that Mandy still didn't like the head cheerleader, but in the last few weeks she could tell that Mandy was trying her best to warm up to Britney.

"You ready to go?" Mandy asked, staring at Trisha.

"Oh yeah," Britney said, nodding. "I forgot JV had practice right now." She smiled at Trisha. "Okay, we'll talk later, hun. See you guys!"

"What were you talking about?" asked Mandy, as the two cheerleaders headed into the locker room.

"Oh…it was nothing," Trisha said, sighing and offering a smile.

"You sure?" Mandy's face was all eagerness and trust, looking to support her friend. She was only slightly taller than Trisha, and just as petite, so the two girls were almost level as they walked.

"Yeah," Trisha nodded. She smiled, but her spirit was falling. "It's nothing."


But Mandy always had a knack for cheering Trisha up. By the time she had finished dressing for practice with the rest of the squad, Trisha was already in a better mood.

"Yeah…I'm really excited to graduate too, but I wish we were going to the same college!" Mandy sighed as she closed her locker and bent over to retie her shoelaces.

Trisha was wiggling her slim hips as she tugged her cheerleaders' miniskirt over her waist, smoothing out the pleats, feeling them dangle over her ass, tickling the tops of her thighs. She smiled. "It'll be okay Mandy…we'll talk on the phone and everything!" Even with everything else that was going on in the cheerleader's life, she was happy for one thing: Mandy seemed back to normal, and they were friends again.

Mandy smiled back. "Yeah, of course!" The two girls were the last ones to finish dressing in their uniforms; a snug, tight blouse stretched over their little figures and a pleated miniskirt that swayed as they headed towards the locker room door. Just then, something chirped from Trisha's locker.

"Oops. That's my cell phone." Trisha quickly hurried back, her miniskirt flopping back and forth over her thighs, pulling open her locker to glance at the phone. It was a text message. And it was from Dan.


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Written by hiddendesire_
Uploaded September 26, 2020
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