Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 06

"Trisha...Trisha, wait!"

Barely seconds after practice ended, Trisha burst through the doors of the locker room, her head down, close to tears. Mandy was half a step behind her. The rest of the squad filed slowly behind.

"'s's not a big deal!"

Trisha shook her head as she reached her locker and wrenched it open. She had barely managed it through the day, memories of her encounter with Principal Johnson still fresh, avoiding Mr. Braun at every turn, barely even able to concentrate on her work. Now, she had tripped and fumbled her way through cheerleading practice, so badly that the coach had ended it early.

"God...I'm so terrible at this...I should just quit."

"Trisha!" Mandy affectionately patted her shoulder. "Don't say that! Come on, you usually nail this routine perfectly! I'm being serious," she added, as Trisha gave her a doubtful look. "you normally do just fine! Today was just a bad day, everyone has them! Cheer up!"

Trisha unzipped her cheerleader's blouse and pulled it off, then did the same with her sports bra. Her breasts jiggled to attention as she bent over and pulled her gym bag out of her locker. Mandy kept talking.

"Trisha, it'll be okay! I promise!"

Trisha took her bra and her bright green tank top out of her locker, and threw both of them on. Finally, she turned to face her friend, and offered a smile. "Yeah...I...I guess. Thanks, Mandy." Mandy is so sweet...and she's such a good friend. But...if only I could tell her what was really on my mind. Mandy gave her a smile and turned to her own locker. Trisha wriggled her slender hips back and forth as she gently tugged her cheerleaders' miniskirt down to her ankles, stepping delicately out of them and putting them in her locker. She pulled another skirt out of her bag, a long, light blue one, and tugged it over her petite legs. She shut her locker and grabbed her bag, turning back to Mandy.

"Hey, Trisha...can I ask you something?" They were walking out of the locker room now, into the gym parking lot.

"Sure. What's up?"

"Well..." Mandy nervously fingered the belt loop of her jeans. "It's've just seemed really distant or something these last couple weeks. Is everything okay?"

"Oh..." Trisha stopped to face her friend. "Um..."

"I can tell me anything, Trisha. I just...I just wanted to make sure you're okay."

Trisha's heart did a somersault. She wanted to hug her friend, to thank her a thousand times for being so sweet and supportive, for looking so worried. She wanted to tell Mandy everything. But she couldn't. I'm...I'm sorry Mandy. I just can't deal with you disapproving of me...

Trisha tried to come up with a good excuse. "Well...I mean, I've been getting really worried about college. Just cause I really want to go to a good school, but I can't afford it unless I get a good scholarship, and...well...I just don't think I have the grades for it." She looked at her feet in shame. I can't believe I'm lying to her like this... but I've got no choice!

Mandy gave her another hug. "Oh, Trisha. Everything will be fine! You'll find something! You're so smart, I'm sure you'll get into a good school."

Trisha smiled. "Yeah...thanks. I hope so."

"I'm sure you will!" Mandy returned the smile. "Well...see you tomorrow. Don't worry so much, okay?"

"Okay...thanks, Mandy. See ya." She waved at her friend and started to walk to her car. As soon as Mandy was out of sight, the tears that had been welling for so long in Trisha's eyes finally came forth. Dealing with Mr. Braun and Principal Johnson was hard enough, but now she was lying about it to her best friend. She silently sobbed, wiping her eyes as she walked. She sped up into a quick trot now, desperate to get to her car. Finally, she reached it, and was fumbling in her purse when she heard a voice behind her, making her jump.

"Everything okay, girl?"

It was Britney. She was leaning against the car next to Trisha's, watching with a casual look.

"Umm...hi, Britney. Everything's fine, thanks." Trisha began to fish for her keys again.

"What, that's it? Just 'Hi, Britney?' Shit, Trisha. I let you watch me fuck a teacher, and that's all I get? That's cold!" Trisha looked up to see Britney smiling at her joke. The head cheerleader was wearing a typical outfit for her – a miniskirt and tube top. The skirt was short, checkered red-and-black and pleated. Her legs were also clad in a sheer white pair of stockings; the sexy schoolgirl. The tube top was tight and black, and tied up around the middle, exposing a good portion of Britney's taut, curved midriff. Her double-D breasts bulged out of the top of her shirt, straining to get free of the tight fabric, and her beach blonde hair fell down to her chest, framing it perfectly. She was also wearing a pair of black stiletto heels, and Trisha recognized them – they were at the mall, and she had thought about buying them a few weeks ago, but had decided not to because she didn't think she could pull off the look. Britney definitely can, Trisha thought. Out of nowhere, a twinge of envy slid through her.

"No, it's not that, Britney..."

"Oh, I get it. You don't want to be seen with me. You don't want to be seen with the class slut. I get it." Britney was still smiling, but Trisha couldn't tell if she was joking. That wasn't true, really. After all, no one would have confused them. There was Britney, with a porn star's body, with a miniskirt so short that her ass almost stuck out the bottom. And then there was Trisha, petite and cute, pretty but prim, decently clad in a skirt and a tank top.

"No, it's really not that, I'm just..."

"Forget it." Britney shrugged. "I like what I am. If you don't, fuck off." She started to walk away, her heels clacking against the parking lot's pavement.

"Britney..." Trisha hung her head. She would never be able to tell Mandy, she knew that. But her secrets were bubbling up inside her, clawing at her ins

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Written by hiddendesire_
Uploaded July 10, 2020
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